Facebook, JW's, and paranoia

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  • av8orntexas

    Undercover you are so right man.

    I have a friend is TRUE BLUE dub. She is a regular pioneer and half of her pics are from the meetings, and her post consists of "Going out in early morning,Yipee !!!" , or one she posted the other day, "had a study today and she had more questions for me." I'm so excited !" I wish i could post some of those comments but it would blow the fact thst I no longer attend with most of the dub Friends I have. I actually like them,but wish they would open their eyes. They are all as about liberal as you can get for dubs IMO.

    My one friend..well he's like the other dub you described. We were regular pioneers together. He actually went to Bethel. After leaving there,he got his BS from a local university. From the school of science of all schools. Don't you learn evolution and all that stuff in the school off science ? lol Last I heard when I saw his sis at an assembly about 2 years ago,he was still attending. We have some the same DUB FB friends,he has some that have deleted me and that I know are hardcore and they still talk.

    He takes part in local bike riding events,triathalons,etc weekly it seems. On some Sunday mornings he seems to ride every week and posts of it. ( I know he could have a afternoon meeting ) he posts things from work, he works with Marine wildlife. Nothing on his page gives an indication to being a DUB. He was like this when we were teens. I always want to send a message and ask if he stills attends,but if he does I hate to sour things between us. I always thought he was pretty independent and thought for himself. But yeah...he's def not a walking billboard for JW's as some people I see on FB.

  • Lunatic Faith
    Lunatic Faith

    Serenitynow you have a PM

  • av8orntexas

    Oh...I have one 'friend' 'Jason' who NEVER responds to my posts directly. No matter what I say whether it's on my wall,or in response to something he has commented about or posted. He 'likes' my comments.

    Never just comes out and responds to me directly. His dad was sick recently. Everybody,including myself said 'hope he gets better' ,etc

    He responded to everybody with a thanks,but 'liked' my comment. I don't want to cause a scene,but I'm close to just posting ...hey...you can respond or talk to me directly you know.

    I just notice petty stuff like that. If I'm somebody you can't talk to...why'd you request my friendship ? His brother 'Bob' and I were best friends at one time. His brother 'Bob' is an MS and when we talk he's always asking if if did something the reason I haven't come back to meetings.

    I think he uses my page as a way to keep his brother 'Bob' update on what I do and who my friends are. At one time his brother 'Bob' commented on something I had on my FB page. When I asked how he knew,he quickly told me 'jason' saw it on your FB page.


  • Lunatic Faith
    Lunatic Faith

    Yeah I have kept a few JW's as friends on FB and I wonder how much of my ranting and raving get communicated to old friends and associates. Nobody says anything. I never get any concerned calls. It's almost like everyone is just sitting back and watching the fireworks.

    Today I am really close to just unfriending the rest. But at the same time I want them to make the first move. Is that why you haven't unfriended "jason" av8orntexas?

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