Atheist believe in aliens but not God?

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  • cofty

    Kate don't you think if there was proof of god somebody might have thought to mention it by now?

  • NoStonecutters

    The point is that the ancient astronauts are fallen angels, not sovereign beings who genetically engineered us. The Early Church warned of the dangerous influence of fallen angels and their lying deceptions through the manifestations of various gods, be them Greek, Roman, whatever. Fallen angels perpetuating atheism only to the point where it leaves off with Luciferianism. It won't be long before the big Luciferian "revelation" happens.

  • Giordano

    Evidence wide it's more rational to consider the possibility of other life forms existing then a Belief that god exists as the be all and do all go to guy/gal.

    To believe that the Christian god exists, without proof, one would also have to accept all of the other gods humans have faith in because the lack of proof can not be applied to those gods.

    The vastness of space filled with billions of stars and hundreds of known planets offers a greater possibility that some form of life may exist. A quick review of the many extreme things that are alive and functioning on our planet indicate that life can turn up in far less ideal conditions then we ever realized.

    There is more evidence for the Big Bang then for God. If god or gods exist it is more probable that they were also a product of the big bang. Far more logical then claiming he sat around in empty space for a trillion trillion years and then decided to start building things.

    So Aliens yes, god no. Happy to change my mind if god ever makes itself known but so far the natural language of god seems to be silence....everything else is just a bad translation.

  • Bart Belteshassur
    Bart Belteshassur

    Giordano you have hit the nail on the as regards God and other gods.

    Unfortunately for Monotheists they fail to understand that Atheists do not accept the exsistance of any God, not just the God which they believe is the only one and is exclusive to them, but when it is useful direct a Polytheistic solution to a Monotheistic problem. Discussions of this nature are only useful if the terms of reference and definitions do not constantly expand.

    The problem is to except the starting point of the discussion. It would be true to say that the first proof required is that physical reality and therefore all evidence is not just the product of individual perception of reality, and that it is identical to every other individual, and that question dispite great debate remains unanswered. So all of us choose to believe that "we are therefore we think".

    No Stonecutters- Fallen Angels can't perpetuate atheism, Lucifer is the god of this world according to God is he not? At least God accepts that he is not the only one, even if his followers do not.

  • KateWild

    Life is what chemistry does, given the ideal conditions life will occur.-cantleave

    I know you have a higher IQ than me, but I am ready for you to batter me on this one. No I disagree with you cantleave on this. My theory is what we can see now, the evidence of the make up of gases in the atmosphere cannot support life in any of the panets we have reached. By alein life we are not talking about micro-organisms either. We are exploring, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Stargate characters.

    Without getting into semantics, I think it is possible that intellengent life forms exist millions of light years away. But when we study our own solar system there are no ideal conditons that have been discovered. Temperatures are too hostile too cold or too hot, oxygen and nitrogen levels are too low, and a whole host of poisonous gases are prevelent in space. Then there is lack of gravity, which I do not comprehend so I cannot disscuss. Thats physics.

    cofty we are talking about aliens too not just God. Do you believe in aliens?

    In conclusion astrophysical chemistry has not dicovered ideal contions, life will probably not evolve in space or other planets, there is no evidence to support this.

    Kate xx

  • cantleave

    I am not sure what you are disagreeing with. I have never stated specifically where I said other life would exist of how complex it would be.

    My theory is what we can see now, the evidence of the make up of gases in the atmosphere cannot support life in any of the panets we have reached.

    Let's forget the fact that what we have reached are only those in our solar system, which on the scale of things is hardly representative of the 100's of billions of planets that will exist in our galaxy, let alone those found in billions upon billions of galaxies in the universe.

    What do you mean by an atomosphere that can support life? What we need is the conditions to allow life to emerge. Earth's atomosphere has not been constant from the time it was formed . The atomosphere on Earth is a result of life. What do you think our atomosphere comprised of before life emerged? You may find this interesting....

    Without getting into semantics, I think it is possible that intellengent life forms exist millions of light years away. But when we study our own solar system there are no ideal conditons that have been discovered.

    Europa a good candidate????

  • cantleave

    Let me be 100% clear on this - I do not believe Aliens come to Earth and abduct us or make patterns in our crops.

  • Bart Belteshassur
    Bart Belteshassur

    Kate, the conditions for intelligent life are not restricted to those which will only sustain humans. There is life here on earth which live in the most hostile conditions with regard to temperature and atmosphere. As CL says the conditions on our planet are at present a function of life, and as the conditions change evalution results in the adaption of life to take advantage.

  • KateWild

    Okay one point at a time. Then I will go off and read the link and continue another day.

    The atomosphere on Earth is a result of life.-cantleave

    Are you saying living things evolved first and produced the oxygen and nitrogen cycles? A bit of a chicken and egg argument. Lets go......if I go back to the positon of the earth in the solar system, and yes this is a JW idea, but makes sense. The temperature is just right for water to be liqiud on earth and the ozone layer to form the correct balance of gases for humans to breath and live. Forming this correct balance took a while, I am okay with that. But I would think that evrything evolved simultaneously, not one thing as a result of another, that's just my view though.

    If we forget our solar system and the evidence we have, then we are speculating. Can you not also speculate that in all the infinate planets and galaxies that God created another solar system just like this one. The point being there is no evidence of either.

    But if you want to believe in aliens and not in God thats okay with me, just not very rational LOL!

    Kate xx

  • cofty

    No. The atmosphere as it is now is a result of life on earth.

    For example, during the Carboniferous period 300 million years ago the oxygen level was above 30% allowing the evolution of dragonflies as big as seagulls.

    It has been in balance at 21% now for millions of years so don't worry.

    We now that life evolved on our planet. We know there are millions of other planets, at least some of which are silmilar to earth. It's not irrational to consider that life may exist elsewhere.

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