Are YOU Drastically Different Since Leaving The Witnesses?

by minimus 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mickey mouse
  • palmtree67

    Every day, I become more like the person I should have been - my authentic self.

  • mouthy

    I am NOT that person any more...

    Complete changed.I dont care what any one does.
    Couldnt care less if they are gay,lesbian,drunks,smokers
    adulterers,Wife swappers ETC....As A JW I was a witless
    judgemental horrible woman..As a
    THINKER"using what brain I retrieved.I am not a bad old lady at all
    Folks tell me that anyway...I believe EVERYONE has the right to do
    what the heck they want ,But remembering they MUST pay the
    consequences either here of there.I still believe in judgement day!!!

    Gotta add my 2 cents

  • minimus

    Mouthy, you are right.

  • watersprout

    Whats the deal between you and Charlie Brown Jnr, Minimus??

    I like your threads... They are light and breezy and refreshing from the hard core subjects on here. Lol.

    Peace Sprout

  • minimus

    Who knows?

    Charlie might have some mental issues. I dunno.

  • SouthCentral

    I love the Tim McGraw song, "Live Like You are Dying!!!"

    I know that I will die one day and I wanna enjoy my life to the full!!!

    Before, the end is coming tomorrow, so I had to go out in FS!!!


  • minimus

    I'm with you.

    ENJOY your life TODAY!!!

  • snowbird

    I'm less judgmental.

    Learning to let go and enjoy life.


  • highdose

    i'm a totaly different person. if i could get in a time machine and go back to see myself five years ago i doubt i would recognise myself. I used to worry 100% of the time about everything and anything, now is 20%. i used to be never able to relax and let go. i was judgemental of others and had a closed mind.

    totaly different person

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