showdown at midnight with jw dad

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  • moshe

    JYD, I am sorry you have to deal with a delusional father. Unfortunately, there is no reasoning with people who won't play by the rules of logic. I wish you could get him to admit there was just one thing about WT teachings/rules he privately didn't agree with- and then try and slowly add to his list. JWs do have that private list of contrary opinions to WT dogma-- they just keep it in their subconscious. Good luck, friend.


  • JunkYardDog

    Moshe ; TY. I did push him into corners. and didn't let him out. I spent over a half hour on the cross/stake, made made him agree. He knows nothing about GREEK . and where did Frank fRANZ come up with the idea jesus died on a Stake? and all the Greek , Jewish, Romans scholars , some of the smartest minds of the last 2000 years got it wrong. and Fred franz the well known false prophet TRUMPS all the great minds of the last 2000 years? i brang up the city of POMPII that was covered in volcano ashes in the year 79 A.D. only 46 years after Jesus' death How in the last 50 years of digging out Pompii scholars found CROSSES painted on the walls with JESUS' name... I put him in a corner and didn't let him out I pounded away. he panicked, i drove him it spritul drunkardness on the 140000 , generation of 1914 and how since we live in NYC he has not been willing to go with me for the last 15 years to the UNITED NATIONS OR WALL STREET TO SEE FOR HIM SELF HOW THE WTS IN INVOLVED WITH BABYLON THE GREAT. long story it was like taking candy from a baby,

  • thetrueone

    Well done I hope it sticks into his mind and conscience

    The WTS. is a religious fraud assembled around a pretentious agenda to proliferate literature, which they publish and cultivate wealth and power.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    But those still in the cult . . . are usually victims of mind control . . . not the perpetrators of it.

    Not my lot.

    I have seen my Dad totally trashed on the immortal soul by a Lutheran nearly 50 years ago. He left Dad blathering, "These people are Bible scholars!", for his final pathetic plea of an argument.

    I doubt it was the only time he took a pasting. He's knocked on a lot of doors.

    Numerous times he has hung up the phone owing me either an answer or an apology. I never get either. He has even spouted defunct doctrine to me because he doesn't like the new one. He ceased being a victim a long time ago. He is a perpetrator. His wife is no better. They deserve each other.

  • sizemik
    But those still in the cult . . . are usually victims of mind control . . . not the perpetrators of it.
    Not my lot.

    I guess if someone fits that description for a certainty . . . why waste time on it?

    If that's truly the case for JYD . . . I just can't see what the point is in beating a dead horse and publicly bragging about it.

    I did push him into corners. and didn't let him out.
    I put him in a corner and didn't let him out I pounded away.
    it was like taking candy from a baby

    Sport perhaps?

    Without the aid of a crystal ball, I can't understand how all hope is lost . . . and if there is a tiny glimmer of hope . . . then there are better ways to go about it. Just my opinion.

  • WontLeave

    I doubt that's how he tells it. I'm sure he talks about how you're an apostate and how the demons have your mind and make you say twisted things. In my experience, when you crush a religious nut's insanity, they just bury themselves deeper in their religion rather than ever admit they're wrong about anything. You'll see them 5 minutes later, spewing the same crap to another group of people or in another thread/forum/site, looking for a soap box where nobody knows too much and calls them out on their crap.

    This is why JWs go door-to-door looking for people who don't know anything. As soon as they realize you're not an empty-headed easy target for brainwashing, they move on. They're not looking for "interest"; they're looking for a total lack of interest. They're looking for people with no opinion, because they've never cared enough to look into it. They're not looking for confused people, but totally apathetic people. Anyone who has read the Bible with any desire to actually understand it just frustrates them.

    There are cults of all kinds: Religious, political, sports, anything people get obsessed over. They aren't interested in fact, only seeing themselves on the "winning side". Precious few people are interested in what's true, only who is right. They'll gladly stand behind a false argument and spend years poking around for proof of it rather than admit they were wrong and believe something else.

  • garyneal

    Wow, drama, but I agree with Moshe. Even my JW has opinions that go contrary to the machine. She's even confided in me that she is not the best witness in the world. I just try to keep stroking that authentic personality.

  • sizemik
    I just try to keep stroking that authentic personality.

    It's good to see someone making sense!

  • pirata

    I take it you are not on good terms with your dad?

  • Earnest

    I am reminded of the support that some on this board gave to Danny Haszard in his rather extreme reactions to those who supported the WTS. This young man hates his father for reasons that go beyond the WTS and which we do not know. It is in his interests to manage his anger either through therapy or physical exercise or some other means and, eventually, make his peace with his father. If he does not it is only his own life that he will damage.

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