completed my degree this week

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Thats fantastic! Congratulations! 100% says it all. Sounds like you're really enjoying your study.

  • unshackled

    Good for you, congrats.

  • dgp


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Congratulations is too inadequate a word. Hope you are celebrating in style. What an impressive grade.

    So can you give us some aromatherapy tips beyond what would be in a woman's mag?

    I spritz French lavendar water on sheets and clothing to be affected. Strangely, I don't like lavendar. I adore lily of the valley.

  • skeeter1

    A witch doctor is born!

    I'm being silly when I say "witch" I now have found a few herbs good for the soul (or at least a nasal yeast infection)!


  • snowbird


    I love me some patchouli and evening primrose oil.


  • chickpea

    thank ye all... i am quite pleased to have it done

    my emphasis of study is in the therapeutic use of essential oils
    rather than the more cosmetic/perfumery end of it

    @pam's girl... totally get the sticker shock of rose otto (Rosa damascena) bulgarian rose,
    2000 pounds of rose petals to yield one pound of product, but its fragrance is utterly
    captivating... strong anti-viral and can be used to treat herpes simplex (fever blisters)

    @band on the run... lavender is actually a really effective anti-inflammatory agent as well as
    being noted for sedative properties... the essential oil will have a more concentrated activity
    than a hydrosol, which actually has a less intense, sweeter fragrance than the EO.... also a
    GREAT insect repellant, incl fleas... the species is Lavandula angustifolia so check the label
    as there are a few types of "lavender" EO on the market, selection is dependent on use

    as for lily of the valley, it is used in perfumery so i have no real knowledge of it except to say
    the flowers that grow on our hillside are due to bloom soon! i have such fond memories of
    sitting on the hill with my kids when they were little, just relishing the scent on the breeze

    @syl... me too about patchouli! sure am glad it is legal, because i would break laws to have it!
    really effective antibacterial (makes a great deoderant) and antifungal... from the mint family
    Pogostemon cablin... it is a fixative in perfumes, having such a lingering odor, due to the truly
    MASSIVE, heavy molecules of it chemical constituents... you can tell a higher quality patchouli
    by its relatively "weak" initial impression, once again, due to big, heavy molecules being less
    volatile.. it is one of the FEW EOs that stores well and improves with age

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I live in a rental now. When I approached my local florist, I was told Lily of the Valley was too expensive for anyting besides a wedding. I really want it for a special birthday. I telephoned elite florists in a city. They told me that wild flowers were hard to procure. It will cost be about $80. if I pick it up. Parrot tulips are similar. Something about hothouse from Holland.

    Yet it is prolific in the wild. In fact, it is blooming here now. The salesperson showed me where the wild flower was coming up on the lawn. How did Catherine Middleton find it? The perfume may be cheaper than the flower itself. Crazy.

    I've thought of sprinkling seeds in a pot by my door.

  • talesin


    what a GP! woop! woop! much success in your future endeavours, we need more natural healers

    That's interesting about patch - didn't know it had the healing qualities, but I find it gives me a headache. :(

    I've also found Pure Tibetan Healing Incense to be quite helpful for relaxation ... mm smells like a spicy wood fire.



  • Dagney

    Fantastic! Congratulations on your accomplishments!! Love that stuff.

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