completed my degree this week

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  • JRK

    Whoo whoo.


    (who knows how hard work you put in.)

  • sizemik

    A goal achieved is indeed sweet . . . congratulations to you

  • DesirousOfChange

    I now have found a few herbs good for the soul.........

    Me too. But I did not inhale.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Wonderful news, Chickpea! Thanks for sharing.

    Did you ever see the movie Lorenzo's Oil?


  • Curtains


  • MrFreeze

    chickpea, why would you complete a degree? Don't you know that any career your pursue in the time of the end will not be fulfilled before Armageddon? Now get out there and preach you selfish sinner!


  • chickpea

    thanks again; it feels great to share the news of completion...
    about 3 years ago i was ambivalent and concerned i wasnt
    really up to the task, that being over 50 was an impediment,
    still not sure where i was "in the faith" didnt even know i was
    fading, yada yada.... a friend had passed on advice she had
    received when contemplating taking on a degree program
    "(X number of years) from now, you are going to be <insert age>
    whether you went to school or not; if you DO go to school at
    least you will be that much smarter, and not just older."

    @DoC: no need to inhale... just bake and snack!

    @ mr freeze: oh, i preach all right.... but it is in direct opposition to the nattering of the b0rg!

    @CoCo: i have seen Lorenzo's Oil and EERILY i was thinking about it on the drive
    home today, remembering augusto uncharacteristically blaming michela for their
    son's grim condition because of "her tainted blood".... essential oils are the highly
    volatile extracts of plants that carry the fragrance, composed of terpenes, alcohols,
    phenols, esters, ethers, ketones, aldehydes... each functional group contributing
    some sort of therapeutic benefit (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, carmative, sedative,
    mucolytic, etc)... not related to the short-, medium-, long- and very long- chained
    oils we are familiar with like olive oil, canola, etc..... although we did study these
    types of oils as dilutants or carrier oils, for the HIGHLY concentrated EOs...however,
    they are totally different in terms of their chemical structures and properties

    thanks for the congrats, lovely folk

  • Quandry

    congratulations are in order for your achievement!

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