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  • MrFreeze

    JW's have the tendency to come up with the worst illustrations. It boggles my mind sometimes. Here's one someone gave me about new light.

    When confronted with the fact that since certain teachings change, the JW's never had the truth. Truth is unchanging. Here's what was the reply:

    "When it comes to new light, truth is like a coat of paint. Sure, maybe your house was painted red. Eventually the house is going to be repainted. If you changed the paint color of the house to blue, it wouldn't be untrue saying that the house was red. Just because the paint changed, doesn't mean the house was never red."

    Durrrrr.... My head exploded at this one. Possibly the most convoluted, awful illustration I have EVER heard.

    Anybody else got any dumb JW illustrations?

  • Snowboarder

    True, and some illustration have the facts all wrong, during the DC they mentioned the slovenian cross country skier that broke 4 ribs during practice she fell in a hole , during the DC they changed the facts and said it was during a race, she only fell got up and won 3rd. Only fact that was true was the fact she won 3rd wit 4 broken rids. they using the illustration that we should run the race to the finish the spiritual one.

  • WontLeave

    In my experience, "New Light" tm is more like them talking about this house:

    and saying "This house is blue!" to thunderous applause. The followers refuse to even glance at the house for fear they may show lack of faith in the Governing Body and just go by what they were told the color of the house is. Then they remark "Oh, I'm so glad the 'wise slave' told us the house is blue. That was the best convention ever. It was so faith-strengthening and spiritually-energizing. I'm going to auxiliary pioneer this month and tell everybody about how blue the house is."

    Then, a few years later, still talking about this house,

    they never make mention to having ever said the house was blue and confidently print a scholarly article - chock full of some-names-have-been-changed experiences and excerpts from obscure books by house experts, entitled "This house is green!" and people all make grand comments how the 'faithful slave' has given us this spiritual banquet through the pages of the Watchtower - God's mouthpiece.

    A few years later, when several people have left because they discovered the house and what color is really is, there's a scathing "special talk" given all over the country about loyalty to "Jehovah" and how only his enlightened people know this house:

    is yellow. A special Awake! is printed in mass quantities and a huge campaign is encouraged. Witnesses take vacation time off from work to tell everyone in the community about the yellowness of the house.

  • sabastious

    Repaint the house? Truth doesn't fade like paint does and surely doesn't need to be reapplied every time you get new tenants.


  • unshackled

    That indeed is an asinine illustration, Freeze. In print I think this one is a bad one for their explanation of New Light. Think it is from the Proclaimers book...

    "Jehovah has always led his people to clearer understanding of his will. (Ps. 43:3) Just how he has guided them may be illustrated this way: If a person has been in a dark room for a long period of time, is it not best if he is exposed to light gradually? Jehovah has exposed his people to the light of truth in a similar manner; he has enlightened them progressively. (Compare John 16:12, 13.) It has been as the proverb says: “The path of the righteous ones is like the bright light that is getting lighter and lighter until the day is firmly established.”—Prov. 4:18."

    They are comparing the affect of literal bright light to a pair of physical eyes that would indeed have a hard time adjusting from dark. So they are saying that god doesn't think his people could handle "truth" all at once. For what, their protection?

    If truths are revealed in "new light" for the protection and aid of his people, then why the delay with the blood issue? Not revealing the ability to use parts of blood to his people sooner, Jehovah needlessly allowed countless ones to die. That is the opposite of lovingly revealing truths.

    This is like throwing that person stuck in a dark room into the daylight immediately. Then, after some time, giving him some sunglasses.

    As usual, complete BS.

  • GLTirebiter
    "When it comes to new light, truth is like a coat of paint."

    The phrase "white-wash" comes to mind...

    ...with the GB playing Tom Sawyer, conning everybody else into doing the work for them!

  • sizemik

    Actually . . . I think it's the perfect illustration . . . when something is looking crappy and a worn out eye-sore . . . you paint it . . . and then you wait until it too becomes a worn out crappy eye-sore . . . and then you paint it again . . . nothing really changes . . . except half the time it looks like a worn out crappy eye-sore

  • WontLeave

    You have to love the proverb about the path of a righteous man being like a light getting brighter getting twisted around to now it's the light that's being talked about and not the man's path. Rather than a man's exposure to truth changing him, they're using this scripture to indicate it's the truth that's changing and not the man. I must admit, the JWs I've known are still the same brain-dead sycophants, but they keep changing their beliefs whenever the human overlords tell them to.

  • finallyfree!

    my dad gave me this illustration and i was mindfukd!!

    referring to how loving the "disfellowshipping arrangement" is he said:

    "if your son was a drugdealing thug who was really influencing the rest of the family in a bad way like pushing drugs on your other son, wouldd you put him out for the good and well being of the rest of the family?...its the same principle with the congregation, you cant have badd influences tolerated and spoil the whole congregation" to which i replied.."i would definitely put him out of the house if that were the case and he refusedd to abide by my rules, however im not a drug dealing thug who is looking to corrupt the congregation , i just dont believe what you do, and i would definitely not abandon my son when he would need me the most" to which he replied that since i dont have gods spirit that i cant see spiritual things. lol! there's no way to reason with someone who has no reason.

  • punkofnice

    It's a dumb illustration because all the intelligencia is leaving or being forced out of the washTowel Babylon crap society.......similar to how Hitler got rid of them.

    No wonder the illustration is pathetic, there are mostly only thickies left in the Borg who still believe. Therefore, dimwitted ideas abound!

    This journal I have in my bookbag should explain this happifying topic..............

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