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  • jgnat

    I can relate to your feelings of isolation in a new land. Canada is my country, but when I was a young girl, my family spent a few years in the West Indies. When I came back to Canada, I acted and spoke like a native Trinidadian. Did not impress the locals. I was homesick for a long time.

    It hasn't helped that your parents picked an isolating religion. I can understand the attraction. It's not like nationalism and governments have helped your country or your parents very much, has it?

    Here's an encouraging video where grade school children solve world problems in four days.


    My beloved stepmom continues to live in my memory. I can still hear her voice when I pick out my clothes for the day (Nothing dull. Wear color!). I believe your grandfather continues to look over you, and approve.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    no expert here, but i know enough serbs, croats, bosnians etc to get a picture. some of my family are serbs too. and i tell you what: yugoslavia aint gonna happen. south tyrol and tyrol are the same culture too, tyroleans all the way, but still south tyrol belongs to italy since the wars. so what... i'd say you should get your patriotic feelings into perspective. if you really think that the bosnians just wait for you to run for presidency and you got the funds, run for it. but even so, don't expect to change anything. this is the real world.

    forget about yugoslavia and hope your country makes enough progress to join the EU. that is going to happen (if the right wingers don't screw it up).

  • Nebeska Nada
    Nebeska Nada

    Yugoslavia must be created again. Not in political, but in economic sense. That's inevitably. EU doesn't want Croatia, Serbia or B&H alone, but together. Come on, we know that...

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