Is the Governing Body Guilty or not guilty of 1975 speculations going too far?

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  • wasblind

    Even after '75 they kept makin' false statements, does anybody see any young people on the cover of the magazine

    below showing that it's an overlaping generation???? the fact they changed their stance on the generation clearly

    shows what they predicted was not true at all , and it was a predition because they used the word "will" not might or maybe

  • Nickolas
  • thetrueone

    The good news of the Kingdom was turned into commercial marketing ploy for the Watchtower Publishing house that helped in selling

    millions of pieces of literature.

    That brings up the question, if the WTS god's chosen organization because they have god's holy spirit driving them, why are they not following within

    the guidelines of the bible, when Jesus himself said that no one shall know the time.

    The given reason by the WTS. is the signs of the times that are prevailing throughout the world.

    Unfortunately the said and spoken End Times have been occurring throughout the history of man, a thorough

    study of history will reveal that. The JWS have packaged themselves up as the special chosen ones who are doing the preaching work

    during the end times, that too is a pretentious self marketing ploy.

  • PublishingCult
  • journey-on

    Thank you for this thread, Terry. It's one I'll definitely save. I appreciate the time you take to make these types of threads. I know a lot of time, effort, and thought go into your presentations, and I, for one, am grateful that you share them.

    I lived the 1975 hype. It was absolutely real, in fact, that I watched as older couples (children grown) sold off their homes and other worldly possessions, and quit their jobs to concentrate on regular pioneering. They believed the message had to get 'out there' before 1975. Or, maybe they were subconsciously trying to assure their own survival of Armageddon by doing the tuff stuff.

    There were many that awakened after '75. Some gave it another few years to make sure the calculations weren't off just slightly. Then, it hit some that all of it was and is indeed b*llshit. Some started talking and wondering out loud. Remember, the big apostate scare in the early '80's? I wonder if it had something to do with hushing these "talkers" that were verbalizing their doubts?

  • willyloman

    The missing link. The smoking gun. This thread.

    Great work.


    The WBT$ could have Crushed any Talk about 1975..

    Pre 1975.. At any time..

    Where are the pre 1975 WBT$ articles,telling JW`s not to speculate on 1975?..They don`t exist..

    All there is..

    Are WBT$ articles Fueling the 1975 Frenzy..

    Nothing happens in Watchtower World,without WBT$ Approval..

    The WBT$ is Responsible for their Own Advertising..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • Terry

    Definition of DISSEMBLE

    to hide under a false appearance : to put on the appearance : to put on a false appearance : conceal facts, intentions, or feelings under some pretense tem·po·rize /'temp??riz/ Verb Temporarily adopt a particular course in order to conform to the circumstances. Avoid committing oneself in order to gain time

    1. BluesBrother

      I well remember the excitement, the frenzy that held the brothers in those days..We all knew that the end was "really here"...those of us who were cautious since the WT had said that "It could well be" rather than "it will be", believed that it might go a little bit over time by weeks or even a year or so because humans had calculated the dates.

      MAny others, especially my fellow elders, were completely convinced that it would be all over by '75. Even our K/Hall was obtained on that basis. We got a place on a 10 year lease in about 1971/72 and put a lot of money into remodelling it, on the basis that the hall would survive Armageddon but the freeholders would not be around to take it back .

      I was careful not to be carried away with it all, but I did follow a line taken by a friend who said that "I am sure that Jehovah would never allow his organization to be completely wrong about this, his name is involved" .....So in the mid 70's thereabouts I was sure it would come..

      So how did we react when it did not come? On JAn 1st 1976 I heard a disc jockey say that the world had not ended despite what J W's had said. But we hunkered down, confident that it would soon come . A few years past and immediacy gave way to a determination to prove that WE were not fair weather Christians who gave up easily. So we settled down , telling ourselves to be loyal. Eventually even the WT carried what was seen as an apology ...........

      It still took me many decades to work out that it was all B/S . I guess I am a slow learner......

      Thank you Terry. Scans are important since the Awakes have slipped off of the c/d rom. Nowadays most dubs seem to believe the official line, that they never said anything much and it was all over eager brothers' fault........

    2. WontLeave

      it doesn't matter as they were just imperfect men doing their best!

      I am so sick of their claims of "We're just imperfect men doing our best." The book study starts a new book this week and here's an excerpt:

      When the apostles gathered on the Mount of Olives, they had their last meeting with Jesus on earth. Eagerly, they asked: “Lord, are you restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time?” (Acts 1:6) In this one question, the apostles revealed two faulty ideas that they were entertaining. First, they assumed that God’s Kingdom would be restored to fleshly Israel. Second, they expected the promised Kingdom to begin its rule right away, “at this time.”
      ...To this day, if Christians become unduly concerned about the timing of the end of this system of things, they are, in effect, worrying about what does not belong to them.
      Still, we should be careful not to look down on Jesus’ apostles, who were men of great faith. They humbly accepted correction. What is more, although their question sprang from faulty thinking, it also revealed a good attitude. Jesus had repeatedly urged his followers: “Keep on the watch.”

      They actually compare a question the apostles asked Jesus to mass-printing a years-long series of articles and inciting a preaching campaign based on them. They insidiously set up the apostles as equivalents of themselves: While being imperfect, they had the best of intentions. The middle excerpt is probably one of the most amazing examples of irony I've ever seen. The fact they acknowledge this whole Bible account where Jesus tells the apostles it's improper to even speculate about the time the end will be should damn them even further, in the mind of anyone who actually has it switched on.

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