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  • Snowboarder

    i won't be able to post, it's become to risky.....tomorrow will be important day for me i wrote my counsellor a email to see him, i have a "exam". hint hint. i hope he replies, i mentally can't take it. i'm alone i need that second person to get me out. anyway it's going to get complicated.

  • Snowboarder

    to the last person i don't believe in god anymore, or any organized religion for now. i can't accept a religion that does not allow to have friends of different religion because they don't worship jehovah that the same as a jewish person not wanting to be friends with a catholic.i want to have a close relationship with my family and they always say at meetings to not form a close relationship with worldly family. I love my family and i have decided to move out to germany to live with my uncle i need to finish high school and get good grades to finish university i spoke with my school and in canada freedom is very important. I'm proud of Canada and my country, i'm not a racist person and i just am nationalistic for Canada, that does not mean i hate other nations. I will miss Canada, but i want to live life happy..

  • Snowboarder

    i'm 18 and i think it's time i moved on

  • Snowboarder

    i had the final straw.......i hate the JW and all it stands for... CULTS!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I know how you feel.

    At 17, I just moved out without telling them I was going, or where.

  • Snowboarder

    well i can't wait. i would never be in the JW faith if my parents did not accepted it. good times are ahead wish my luck! I'm going to start living! You know the UK's song for Eurovision i'm going to breakfree from the JW! I'm also going to do snowboard cross races wish me luck! i want to make it to sochi!

  • thetrueone

    See 20571, even a 18 year old can tell whats a maligning corrupt brain washing cult is .

    Maybe your just not intelligent enough to discern what is reality and what is delusional ignorance.

    Sounds to me like your pressing to empower yourself with the power of God in your pocket.

    Are you a corrupt power seeker 20571 ?

    You knowing trying to emulate the social morals of civilizations that existed 3000 years ago is pretty fucking stupid.

    Why don't you try waking up and joining humanity in the year 2011.

    We have learned allot since ancient Judea existed in the middle east.

    You go Snowboarder ......all the best on your personal endeavors.

  • unshackled

    All the best Snowboarder. Don't let anyone tell you to give up or let go on your Sochi dreams.

  • Snowboarder

    unshackled thnks for your support at times, i feel like i have no one and that feeling of despair hits you, when you have no one to say you can, and to sit next to you and talk.... i can't take it at times, i wish my life was different, i feel like i'm always fighting for something alone. Pls read my blog, and please comment i need to know what people think,

  • Quarterback

    Hi Snowboarder,

    Seems to me that your mom needs to do some applying of Scriptural principles. I'm thinking of the one about the Prodical Son.

    In that illustratin, the father of the son, allowed his son to follow his dream. The father even offered support by giving his son his portion of the inheritance. The account says that the son wanted to live a debauched life. This is certainly not what you want to pursue, but, in her eyes and the ORG they probably think that is all the same. It must of taken alot of strengh for a father to allow his son to leave for such a reason. Nevertheless, sometimes people will follow their dreams, whether they are good or bad. Your mom needs to be strong here, and she needs to accept this. There is more to the illustration of the Prodical Son than just a bad boy that messes up, only to return home. There is also the point that the parent needs to let there son/daughter go, and be supportive, and be there for when they return.

    All the best with your dreams, and stay off those steroids.

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