It's Mothers Day and JW's Are Out In Full Force

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  • PublishingCult

    It's always the case, though, isn't it? The JW's make a concerted effort to get out in the field service magazing peddling work just to shit all over your day of celebration.

    I was out getting mothers day flowers for my roomie this morning, and saw literally gobs and gobs of JW's working the area.


  • MrFreeze

    I never went out in service on holidays. I figured it would do more harm than good to bother people on their day.

  • nugget

    what a shame all those JW mums out there having another day when they are unappreciated.

  • Finally-Free
    It's Mothers Day and JW's Are Out In Full Force

    Of course they are, because they know most people will be out in restaurants celebrating Mothers Day. It's easy "time" because of all the "not-at-homes".

    Can you tell I used to pioneer?


  • Mary

    I remember asking an elder once why we couldn't celebrate Mothers Day or Fathers Day. He said it was because "honor is only supposed to go to Jehovah". I said "What about the 5th Commandment to honor your father and your mother?"

    He gave me a stern frown and invited me into the Second School "for a little chat". Got raked over the coals for daring to quote the bible question anything drooling from the feable-and-incontinent-Slaaaaave class.

    How utterly pathetic that you're not allowed to honour your mother if she's unfortunat enough to be a Witness. Well, the only positive thing is when I go into work tomorrow and everyone asks about what I did for Mothers Day, I will tell them exactly why I didn't do anything, and watch them recoil in horror that any religion could possibly be that pathetic and idiotic.

  • rebel8

    lol Didn't we once have a rag to place about motherhood and not to puff women up with pride by celebrating Mother's Day? IIRC we all went out in fs on Mother's Day to let everyone know how wrong they were.

  • Ding


    That's what happens when you read the Bible without the FDS literature to explain that it means the opposite of what it says...

  • CoonDawg

    As a 12 year old boy, I decided that not celebrating Mother's Day was bullshit. I did it anyway, in my own quiet way, the whole time I was still a dub.

  • steve2

    PC where do you live that there are so many JWs out in field service??? I hardly ever see them out door knocking anymore. I was shocked during the immedaite pre-memorial period to find a bland as butter Watchtower invite to the memorial in my letterbox when I arrived home from work mid-April. I also caught sight of some older looking door knockers during that month and 4 younger JWs having a coffee in our local cafe one Saturday morning. Now that's small pickings compared to the vast numbers who went out door-knocking locally during the early 1970s.

  • mamalove

    Yeah, I had a visit yesterday. They left when they couldnt defend a few points I brought up.

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