It's Mothers Day and JW's Are Out In Full Force

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  • PublishingCult

    PC where do you live that there are so many JWs out in field service???

    I live in Mid-City San Diego. I drove by the local KH and there were about 7 or so outside dividing up territories, and then about 4 blocks southeast of that scene, I spotted another two sedans with JW's getting out to start working the territory. Then, a few more blocks south near my house, there was what appeared to be an entire family meandering from door to door.

  • Snoozy

    Mary said:" remember asking an elder once why we couldn't celebrate Mothers Day or Fathers Day. He said it was because "honor is only supposed to go to Jehovah". I said "What about the 5th Commandment to honor your father and your mother?"

    He gave me a stern frown and invited me into the Second School "for a little chat". Got raked over the coals for daring to quote the bible question anything drooling from the feable-and-incontinent-Slaaaaave class.

    How utterly pathetic that you're not allowed to honour your mother if she's unfortunat enough to be a Witness. Well, the only positive thing is when I go into work tomorrow and everyone asks about what I did for Mothers Day, I will tell them exactly why I didn't do anything, and watch them recoil in horror that any religion could possibly be that pathetic and idiotic."

    How I love your style and spunk!
    My adult daughter was telling me today that one weekend 2 witnesses knocked on her door early in the morning on a weekend. Well she gets up real early to go to work all week and likes to sleep in on weekends..they knocked once and she figured they would go away..well they knocked again , louder..she was getting pissed..when they apparently saw her peek out the bedroom curtain they opened the screen door and banged on the main door..that did it..she flew to the window and thru it open and cussed them out..she said one lady jumped and looked terrified.. My daughter said, they have a lot of nerve..banging on my door like that so early in the morning..(9am is early to her on the weekends) I was ROTFL. She said she needs a

    "No soliciting" sign..I filled her in on that one..

    So proud of my daughter...Snoozy

  • I quit!
    I quit!
    I remember asking an elder once why we couldn't celebrate Mothers Day or Fathers Day. He said it was because "honor is only supposed to go to Jehovah".

    The god of the Watchtower is a big spoiled brat who can't stand it when anyone else gets any attention. Good thing he isn't real.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    My partner pointed something out to me the other night about JWs targeting mothers at home. He said they are easy pickings because sometimes they are often lonely and sometimes starving for adult company and conversation.

    What better reason to be out there on Mothers day. The day that many many mothers are down in the dumps. Get them when they are vulnerable.

  • steve2

    So true,

    Stay-at-home mums + Baby blues = Sitting Duck for JWs Paradise.

    But the reality:

    Meetings + Door-knocking = Bring back the old times, quick!

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