Did anyone try to go to the high school prom ?

by Pitchess Co-Gen 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • rebel8

    they just try to PULL

    What does this mean?

    (Oh, so as not to divert the thread...yes I tried to go with my dub bf but we weren't allowed. I regret missing it. I never went to any school dance.)

  • redsoxfan1393

    I want to go with a girl who I really like but I am now allowed... It really sucked telling her I couldn't take her and she doesn't understand why...

  • VampireDCLXV

    I had already quit the JWs (the first time) by then so I decided that there was no reason for me not to go. Yeah, I actually went. Sure, I was a fish out of water but the other kids were glad to see me getting involved in "life". Of my two parents, only my mom was the JW as my dad never believed, so she had no choice but to go along with it.


  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita

    I never even finished High School. Guess why?

  • mamalove

    Yes, first one I got caught somehow, don't really remember. Second one, senior year, I went. With a JW guy who was older than me. He was a double lifer, like I was at the time.

  • watson
  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    In Australia we have End of Year/Graduation Balls for those who finish Year 10 (age 16) and Year 12 (age 18).

    I had to be on my bestest bestest behaviour in order to go. Like the UK, you don't have to have a date although if you're already dating that's a plus.

    So I went, but I had to be home by 12.30am while the rest of my friends were partying all night. They then picked me up at 7am to have a champagne breakfast at the local lookout.

  • zoiks

    I was asked to go by the girl who I had been in love with since first grade. Of course, I said no

  • skeeter1

    I went, with a worldly person too!

    For some reason, my JW mom & JW 'clinger' sister both encouraged me to go. I think they liked the fact that it was a dress up event. My mother loved going to school dances when she was young, so she saw nothing wrong with dancing or young people being together in a crowd.

    At the end of my senior year, I wasn't going to the meetings regularly, was accepted at college, but did attend the Memorial. I wasn't going out in service. I didn't advertise it wth the JW crowd, and none of the JWs were going...so how would they ever know!

    But, my poor date never understood why I acted so strangely. Years later, my date was still offended. I tried to explain that I just "bottled up" inside that night and was uncomfortable due to my JW upbringing, worldlly dancing, parties, etc. I never heard back. Must think I'm a total loon!


  • undercover

    I never went to any extra-curricular events such school dances, proms, concerts, etc. I did go to some sporting events. Friday night football games and conference tournament basketball games. Even then, I didn't fit in. I was like an out-of-towner attending another school's sports event.

    Hell, we weren't even supposed to go to pep rallies (though I did sneak into some of them) or school assemblies. Couldn't vote for school president. Couldn't join clubs. I mean, when the geeks and nerds had chess clubs and math clubs and us JW kids weren't even allowed to associate with them, wow...

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