Did anyone try to go to the high school prom ?

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  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    I remember being a high school senior and wanting to go to prom ( I graduated from high school in 2003 ), but prom was forbidden when your a JW teen. I even said to my parents if I took a Witness girl would it be ok; they actually said yes. I found a girl ( yes she's a witness ) to go with me, but here's the kicker she agreed to go. All of a sudden she had a part on the meeting ( Why avoid school activities ? ), and she didn't want to feel like a hypocrite so she droped out of the date. Needless to say I didn't go to my prom ( three years later a went to someone elses prom, but that another story ).

  • coffee_black

    I went to both my Jr. and Sr. Proms. With JW guys... but I graduated in 1969 so things were a little different back then... most of the kids in my hall went to their Proms too...and most of them are still JWs.


  • wasblind

    Hello there Pritches Co-gen,

    the sister who studied with me tried her best to talk me

    out of letting my daughter go to the prom, and out of everything

    else that involved a lot of social interaction with non- JW's , JW's fail to realize that

    forbidding teens to interact with others outside of the JW world, only creates social retards

    and when they leave the truth, many become clueless adults in the real world

  • clearpoison

    We have similar event here in my lilliput country, very much like US prom dance. My family tried their best to convince me to go there, but I had other plans, I could with good reason escape from school and ski one more day, as there was no real studies going on that day. I wasn't really that much for partying and dancing in those days (full-scale nerd), but I still get reminded by my family that I escaped against their will. Here it is not seen as bad thing by most JW families to participate in school traditions as such, post-parties might be seen in other light.

    Ofcourse you have already shown your true colour by choosing high school education in stead of vocational studies.


  • the_raisin

    Nah, I was the original hipster and knew prom was going to be laaame (well, my prom at least. And it was, judging from the pics). I think that night I hung out with my closest friend and ally, we ordered pizza, and pretty much talked about what we would do if a zombie invation occurred. It was a pretty good night :D.

  • mrsjones5

    I went to my sr prom back in 1983 with a jw guy. It was cool. We almost got married.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    No one asked me. I think all the years of being absent from any social event changed things. It was lame and dangerous. My school had nothing but racial riots. It was extremely tense. The White students were losing Beatles music, etc. There was no compromise. It wasn't the black students denying us but the white principal too afraid of black students rioting --yet when the big riot happened just as many whites were arrested by the white police.

    It no longer was at a Norman Rockwellian venue. Only a small handful of whites attended. We were very disappointed. It became all black. I believe the white kids had alternative proms after that but it wasn't THE prom. If my parents thought about putting their children into a violent school that was teaching little, my experience would have been different.

    A white, Beatles prom would have seemed silly, too, in those times. Now I made every major rock concert in the NY area. I was at Geo. Harrison Banglaldesh concert two times and I was also at Woodstock. Proms were losing steam. The 60s were exciting to me. My prom was antiwar demos in NY and DC.

    College started ultraconservative. A student was found living with her boyfriend and was excluded from any social contact with other students. The next year I moved into a coed dorm with no rules at all. I missed out on many traditional things that are now back.

    If it were not for the adults with their agenda, after the first riots, there was an understanding between the black and white students. We respected each other's turf. Even the rioters did not want a repeat. There would have been so much less conflict without the adults. We could have negotiated a biracial prom that showed both cultures.

  • jamiebowers

    I wanted to go with a good male friend of mine who I grew up with, but my jw mom and fiance, (who was 25) said no.

    Funny story told to me by my much younger second cousin: Not only did she go to her senior prom, but she also won prom queen. Jealous girls at the kh ratted her out to the elders, and she was commanded by the elders to return her crown. She told them to go "F" themselves, graduated a few weeks later and left home. She's in her late 20's or early 30's now, still out, has a good job, helps her boyfriend run a very successful business, owns her own home and lives a fabulous life. She still has her crown.

  • FifthOfNovember

    I'll be going to prom in just a few weeks.

  • ballistic

    We don't have proms in the UK, only FRESHERS BALLS, and young guys and gals don't "ASK" eachother out, they just try to PULL. This is a custom in the USA which is definately progressive.

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