For those without Mothers

by Lady Lee 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • GLTirebiter

    She's been gone for over two decades, and she still is missed. Happy Mother's Day, mom!

  • factfinder

    Happy Mother's Day Mom. I think of you every day and will always miss you.

  • snowbird

    My mother will be gone 6 years come September.

    I miss her something terrible.


  • ChainedNoLonger

    My mom had remained in contact with me these past two years since I left the organization. Out of the blue yesterday I received this text from my mother, "I will NOT talk to you untill you are reinstated as one of jehovah's witnesses. I will block you if you text or call me again." I replied with, "Well I LOVE you no matter what you believe in, and I will not shun or disown you no matter what."

    It hurts so bad, I cried so much after she sent me that hateful message. I don't understand why she suddenly decided to shun me. I am not a bad person, I just didn't agree with what was being done through the FDS (me being a thinking person).

  • the_raisin

    ChainedNOLonger- Whoa, it still shocks me to see such attitudes from other moms. From my mom, it seems normal, but from others? Anyway, I am sending you hugs! Vent a little, cry as much as you want, and then remember that she's not truly worth it if she won't love you unconditionally.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    My heart goes out to you. The WTS has been coming down hard on JWs who still have contact with those who have left. She may change her mind in a while when the pressure is off.

    The question for you is whether you are willing to go through an on again-off again relationship with her?

    Remember too that she is being taught that shunning you is an act of love that will result in you giving up your wicked ways and return to the JWs. The problem is that that kind of thing doesn't work in the age of the internet. We have a lot more ability to connect with other ex-JWs, to start rebuildin gour lives with non-JWs and we learn the real truth about the WTS.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Happy Mothers day to all MOMS!

    This is the 1st Mother's Day that I 1/2 did. My Mom left me with my JW alcoholic Dad when I was 6 and so it has taken till I am 36 to let go and try to let her into my life again. I used to HATE mothers day cuz I was the one that my own Mother didn't love...

  • CoonDawg

    My mom passed on Feb. 3 of this year. It's my first year without her. I miss her very much already. Though she was a JW utnil the end, she never shunned me, ever. I'm so glad that I got to spend the last few months with her.

    Happy Mother's Day. Thanks for the memories.

  • Heaven

    Happy Mother's Day to you Lady Lee and all the Moms around the world.

    This is a sad time for me as my Mom has been gone over 9 years now. When she was alive I used to ignore the JW belief and I would call and talk to her on this day. She was always glad I did even though she had to get in the "I don't celebrate Mother's Day" line. I would say "I didn't say anything about Mother's Day. I just wanted to talk to you."

    I wish she had been happier in her life. My observations were the more she got entrenched in the JW mindset, the more miserable she got.

    I vowed not to do that to myself.

    I know I am luckier than a lot of people on this site. My Mom wasn't so bad as many others in this destructive group.

  • factfinder

    @ iceguy, snowbird, Nickolas, CoonDawg, GL Tirebiter, and Heaven:

    please accept my condolences over your losing your moms too. I hope we all get to be reunited with our Moms again someday.

    @ChainedNoLonger- I am sorry your Mom acted that way to you.

    @Ding-so very well put.

    @Quandry- thank you for your PM-I sent one to you too.

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