GLOBAL FLOOD . . . Did it Really Happen?

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  • moshe

    The Prehistoric cave paintings (in France) of extinct ice age mammals like woolly mammoths & rhinos, cave lions,etc., should be enough tangible proof that the flood of Noah did not cover the earth- otherwise these paintings would have been washed away.

  • moshe

    Interesting discussion on the age of stalactites- a flood of Noah 5000 years ago would have left a record on stalacties around the world- unless you believe they all came into existance after the flood.--

  • the prisoner No 6
    the prisoner No 6

    @ moshe, what do you think of my post, regarding only a localised flood was nessesary ?

  • bohm

    What happends when flood geology meet real geology:

  • moshe
    according to the bible all of mankind, were living in one small part of the globe. Flood It and you get all mankind,

    Jesus said the day of God's future judgement would be just like the days of Noah- so if the flood of Noah was just a localized flood in the middle east, then all of here in Canada and the USA are safe! Hmm- rainbows were supposed to be a new worldwide occurance after the flood- how does that jibe with just a local flood? Well, P#6, what say yea now? The Biblical flood account must be accepted as it is told, or Jesus is just a story teller, too.

    One of the things that that convinces me there was a global flood is indirect evidence of the water canopy.

    The weight of all that water would have made our atmosphere as dense as the one on Venus - Choke, choke- I can't breathe!!

  • 1975

    What difference does it make, is our every day life dependent on knowing the answer? What came first, the chicken or the egg?


  • sizemik
    UV Rays, Infra Red Waves and others that contribute to our capacity to get skin cancer as well as accelerated ageing. The Scriptures clearly define how imediately after the flood, mankind's life span gradually over time becomes drastically reduced. From being able to clock 900 years plus was nothing out of the ordinary. Then shortly thereafter, lifespans begin to decrease to lower and lower levels.

    The problem with this theory is this. If those factors we're exposed to (UV Rays, Infra Red Waves and others ) were reduced or eliminated in an artificial biosphere . . . humans could significantly extend their lifespan virtually overnight . . . perhaps by several hundreds of years. Some individuals have been treated for certain disorders by restricting them to such artificial conditions . . . without any changes in longevity

    furthermore the original sand dune or desert might represent the long-time consistency over time of sand blowing and accumulating in one area, creating an area of pure, massive sand with no rocks or in an area with very large rocks and bolders only. So we're looking at a displaced desert area. So what?

    Just this . . .

    Where does sand come from? . . . Sand is itself an alluvium. Such vast volumes of sand are the product of erosion . . . erosion which typically involves rain and the deposition of this alluvium by water. Subsequently, it can be transported by wind or water . . . but it must be the product of erosion and weathering first.

    If there was no rain prior to the flood . . . where did all this sand come from?

    Thanks for the link Moshe . . .

    Of course there is much more involved in the life-cycle of limestone than the formation of stalagtites . . . sedimentation and uplift are by far the most expansive time periods.

    There is an interesting example of limestone/mudstone uplift here on the west coast of the SI of New Zealand. As the Australian plate collides with the Pacific plate, a limestone sea bed is gradually being lifted and now stands at it's western edge as a mountain range complete with caves and formations. The remainder of this sea bed extends below sea level and out into the Tasman sea. Obviously these formations are only present in the land-based area

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  • marmot

    The "local flood" apologists continually trot out the false theory that all mankind lived in a localized area in the middle east some 5000 years ago, which is patently ridiculous. Ask any archaeologist worth his/her salt about this or just do some basic research about human activity in North America or China or even Egypt during this time period. One of the big turning points to my rejection of the literal interpretation of the bible was one day in class where we examined photos of a stone spear tip embedded in the rib cage of an ice age North American bison and butcher marks on the bones of a wooly mammoth. No flood came and wiped these people out, I descended from them. Unless you subscribe to the Mormon's viewpoint that I actually descended from a lost tribe of Israel who wiped out the Nephites.

  • sizemik

    Great link besty . . . cheers.

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