Anyone else believe in the Ancient Astronaut theory?

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  • Glander

    I have structured my entire post-jw spiritual life around the Ancient Astronaut belief. I am amazed that some don't see it as clearly. Perhaps my great aunt Annie had an early influence on me when I observed her eating watermelon with a sucking noise and snatching flies out of the air and eating them. Nobody can convice me otherwise.

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita


    "It would be a ridiculous one in a million shot that aliens actually cruised around in crafts that look exactly like the things made up by sensationalistic tabloids misquoting some guy, and the rickety low budget crafts from 50s B movies."

    I'm not ready to give a list of Erich von Daniken absurdities but I will make a passing comment at the "flying saucer motif".

    Why is it that some of them have windows? Will that really help the aliens to see anything when they're buzzing around at the speed of light? If our sci-fi fiction have spacecraft with "sensors" to see what's out there, then why can't you just have a bunch of miniature pea sized cameras, imbedded in the 'skin' of the craft, that can 'see' what's out there in the whole spectrum? The entire inner wall of the spaceship can be a flat screen monitor that can see everything; all around you. From Gamma Rays to Infrared and everything in between, such as the visible spectrum; which humans can see.

    Why do they even need to enter the atmosphere in order to observe anything on Earth, especially nowadays when we can see them (by occasional 'accident'). Aren't they supposed to be hiding from us so that they don't, in their concern for our dainty nature, find out about their existence before we're mature enough to swallow it? Can't they see enough with their super duper, long range, ultra high resolution peepers?

    Also, Ufologists like their saucers to crash every once in a while so that they can leave a mess for GOVERNMENT to conspiratorially hide. Yet, why can't these mega advanced aliens have a cleanup crew to remove the debris pronto? That way, we primitive barbarians don't get a hold of their super whammy technology and then write an unending stream of books about Roswell?

    And by the way, why do flying saucers need runways in order to land? Runways are for fixed wing aircraft.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • baltar447

    I think ANYTHING is possible. If there are infinite realities and universes then why not one where there were Ancient Aliens that are gonna come enslave us all?

  • Satanus

    There's no REAL evidence for this.


  • jwfacts

    Why do people think a statue with big eyes is an alien, but statues with a big penis is just a symbolisation? Or that some poorly crafted statue with head regalia must be an astronaut helmet?

    Why do people think that it is amazing that people of old could pick up large stones and build these simple structures, such as pyramids and stonehenge? They had the intelligence of humans now, and so engineers came up methods based on what they had access to at the time. We are significantly more advanced with what we can achieve now, as science builds on science. But 20th century human engineers would have been able to do the same masonary work with the same tools. There are many programs that show how such feats were possible, based on building up the level of earth, ropes, pulleys and logs. It was just a lot more labour intensive and time consuming than the methods we use today.

  • MrFreeze

    Maybe they are time traveling spacemen?

  • Elgiard

    Five thousand years from now there will be people who believe that in our time we could make metal blades come out of our hands. No one could have just come up with something so fantastic, they must have seen it in order to draw it.

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