Anyone else believe in the Ancient Astronaut theory?

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  • sinis
  • poopsiecakes

    Wouldn't it be a hoot if this was the case? Billions of people wondering "who do we worship NOW??"

  • JamesThomas

    I lean towards it more than not.

  • unshackled

    UFO in the painting - The Madonna with Saint Giovannino?

    Oh, and I think the aliens communicate with me thru my magical astronaut....

  • sinis

    I do. Its the only thing that makes sense. The Bibles "men of old, men of renown". The great monolithic stones that even modern day cranes cannot move. Unprecedented knowledge of math and stars (Dogon peoples) that have not been discovered until recent times. It all just makes you wonder...

  • rebel8
  • KW13

    Is this related to the hyroglyphics found in Egypt? I watched a documentary on it a few years ago and while i'm not really sure what to believe, it sent a chill down my spine.

  • Morbidzbaby

    lol @ poopsiecakes

    I think it's plausible, personally. For ancient peoples to draw, sculpt, and carve images of machines and men in what appear to be space suits (like the astronaut in the Nazca lines), somehow I don't think they were doing so out of flights of fancy. Everything else they made images of were things they had seen, things that made an impact on them, things they experienced in every day life (hence, the petroglyphs of animals being hunted and people in canoes, etc). In my own reasoning along those lines, for them to create images of things like machines and astronauts, those had to be something that made an impact on them, something that was a part of their lives, not something they dreamed up.

    Why are people so interested in the heavens? The stars? The constellations? No other animal is really even aware of such or shows an interest in them. You don't see a dog lying on the ground on it's back contemplating the night sky. I think there are clues to the existence of other beings just in the Bible alone... A moving star that led the astrologers to baby Jesus. A star that just appeared out of nowhere and led them straight to him, settling right above where he was born. UFO's have been sighted at night and what do they look like? Moving lights or stars! Now, JW's believe that star in the gospel account was put there by Satan, but by that reasoning, we would have to assume that Satan is just as powerful as Jehovah or Jesus in that he was able to control the heavenly bodies. That makes no sense, since Jesus supposedly kicked Satan's ass and threw him down here with us.

    The pyramids, Stonehenge, the Mayan pyramids, etc...all show technological advances that it seem would be impossible for peoples of those eras. The perfection of the stone cutting, the tools needed for such precision compared with the tools available at those points in time...they are incongruous, in my opinion.

    Am I a strong believer in the theory? No. I do read about it and all the evidence that has been given to support the idea. I'm somewhere in the middle. I definitely don't believe in a divine sky daddy being who watches my every move, knows my heart, and is going to destroy me for not being a JW, or even a Christian, though. But I think there may just be something to this alien thing.

  • sinis

    KW13, yes and the Trilithon in the Temple of Jupiter, puma punku, etc. all around the world...

  • KW13

    Ah, have you looked into the Nazca Lines? Also very interesting

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