Recent activities at the laundermat and Payless shoe store

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  • loosie

    I work in a mental health clinic. I make sure none of their rag mags make to my patients, by clearing the mags out of the lobby when needed.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I keep planning to print out address labels with the best ex/anti JW websites listed on them and go to all the laundramats in the area to stick them on BorgLit. Still haven't gotten around to it, though.

  • steve2

    I agree with many of the points raised here. Leaving of religious tracts is irksome at the best of times, and plain damn inappropriate at other times (e.g., putting them inside saleable goods such as shoe boxes is way more inappropriate than leaving them on a laundromat table).

    That being said, I've never seen much evidence that leaving tracts around the place ever generates any interest from non-JWs. If anything, they get quickly tossed aside. I notice that the organization never releases statistics on the number of contacts that are made via the tracts being left in public places and businesses.

    BTW, it's not confined to JW literature: My local library is heaving under the sodden weight of freshly pooped religious nut literature. On a related mater, I remember getting a legitimate anti-Seventh-Day Adventist book out of the library a few years ago (entitled The White Lie) and some pro-Seventh-Day Adventist nutter had literally written copious notes in the margins of the book feebly trying to rebut the books arguments against that blandly tiresome religion. Talk about create a very bad impression indeed.

    JWs sadly are not alone in the mssion to ensure the world has more than its quota of religious nut cases.

  • rebel8

    I've been known to leave my own tracts inside Creation books they've donated to the library. If I wrote on them it would be vandalism.

    In the case of literature left in waiting rooms (and shoes!), I figure that is not the facility's property but rather litter someone left behind. So I do my part to clean it up.

    The only time I comment is if the facility is a governmental organization (even a hospital clinic run by a state university). Then I have the legal right to separation of church and state.

  • satinka

    I agree with you poppers...that was way outta line for the woman to leave tracts in the shoe boxes.

    If I was a customer who found those, I would have been creeped out and likely would have left the store without buying anything.

    I mighta wondered if the store owner was JW. I would have felt violated.


  • loosie

    Rebel what tract do you leave? I would love to leave some in the wt lit I see at thrift stores.

  • rebel8

    I used to have some I made, and unfortunately I lost them. They had literature quotes and Armageddon art--creepy stuff to show they're bizarre, to turn off any innocent reading the books.

    You could probably re-create something like that. Things that turn off the general public are pics of people, babies, cats and dolls falling into those crevices. There were some good quotes about having to be a dub in order to survive, and having to do the door-to-door preaching if you want to not be killed....that turns people off right away.

    I had one with a bunch of kooky stuff from Golden Age, like "we cured skin cancer in 1908", prefaced with a quote from a recent mag stating they have always been a source of 100% truth, which is proof they are the true religion.

    AJWRB has some and so does Silent Lambs, on their websites. Generally less compelling for this purpose, I find, but still shows false teachings and scandals.

    My goal was always to turn them off the cult within the first 20 seconds.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Somebody posted on here a while back about JWs renting a fancy winery for a party and then leaving JW literature hidden all over the place.

    There are plenty of active JWs who would also give this a thumbs down.


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