can long distant relationships last?

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Everyone who has a lot more experience with this than I do has already given really good feedback, so I'll just add my opinion.

    If it is always long distance and never face to face and has no history of face to face meetings, I really don't believe that can work.

    I believe that people MUST meet face to face eventually on a regular basis and often if the relationship is to mature to something permanent.

    I don't believe in crushes over the Internet. My snotty opinion is that it is immature and reaks of high school crushes.

    One can meet over the Internet and get to know each other through that and phone, but the true lie detector is seeing the person in person and seeing their stories match up as truth every time.

    I could never EVER blindly move in with someone after only Internet or phone conversations.

  • ballistic

    Hi jgnat,

    who wants to live life in a roller coaster? It's not good.

  • jgnat

    Which is why I asked how far and for how long? We lasted apart one year.

    I do sense some caution from this young man and his anxiety. The adorer should not be obsessing over minutes in the day unaccounted for.

    But for the general question, can long distant relationships last, my answer of course, is yes.

  • ballistic

    Varian, sometimes there is much pain in life and sometimes it's from far afield, and other times it's from within ourselves.

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