Do Active Witnesses Find Meetings Exciting?

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  • manthedan

    I think I enjoyed meeting for the most part simply because I got so used to going. Kind of like a drug, you keep using and using and then you break your habit and it feels weird at first. I hated the Sunday talk and was so happy that they shortedned it to 30 min. Commenting helped keep me occupied or staring at other people. When I had kids I was constanly in the back trying to keep them quiet, so meetings didnt become boring but rather un-practical.

  • WontLeave

    One of the reasons I rejected "privileges" in the congregations was because I would be expected to attend every meeting. Of course, elders can't fathom any legitimate reason to not want their scraps. I told them one of the reasons was, I didn't want to be expected to attend every meeting because they're boring, redundant, and I never learn anything from them (actually, I heard a few new things, but they were all wrong, which is why they were new to me).

    Maybe because I already understood companies give cool-sounding titles in lieu of raises to get more work out of employees, this didn't fool me. They also use employee of the month plaques, contests, etc. to get more work out of their employees without actually paying for it. I recognized the titles (pioneer, ministerial servant, elder, etc.) as exactly that tactic and wasn't taken in by the "glory" of them.

  • clarity

    Oh yeah, especially the circuit assembly on the week-end. I would try so hard to take the browbeating counsel to heart, & felt so bad for not doing more & more, but still was getting excited!

    But, let me tell you, getting home and pulling off those damn pantyhose & tossing the bra, I was beyond excited, grabbing an old shirt and running out into the sunshine...YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!

    I was excited out there watering that garden, finally up off my arse & hearing the sound of birds singing instead of old brother droneon&on. Oh yeah just heavenly and put it all out of my head time.


  • Gayle

    I think eventually those boring meetings have this effect and therefore a hypnotic manipulation is possible. The brain becomes continuously dulled.


    Meetings were so Exciting..

    I watched people Fall Out of their Chairs fast Asleep,at Meetings and Assemblys..

    Kids coloured in Books..Adults and children daydreamed..

    I could never wait for it all to be over..

    ............................. ...OUTLAW

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    If the meetings, assemblies, and conventions were so exciting and refreshing, the WT wouldn't have to guilt trip JWs to attend and support them.

  • JW GoneBad
  • godrulz

    I am thankful I did not grow up in a dead organization. When I go to church, I meet with God and His people. His presence is palpable (JWs would think it is a demon since they have no spiritual sensitivity and are scared of so many things) as the name of Jesus is exalted. A group that reduces the personal Holy Spirit to an impersonal active force will not know the presence and power of God. A group that does not exalt the Lord Jesus Christ as God will be dead religion void of a relationship with the risen Christ. This is fact, not arrogance (I have been to enough JW meetings to know that there is an oppressive spirit, not the Spirit of God).

  • steve2

    I have memories of when I was a preschooler: My maternal grandfather used to thump me on my lap with the New World Translation whenever I wriggled in the chair. He was an old timer who would brook no trouble from any ofhis grand children. The only relief I got was when he presented talks during the Theocratic Ministry School. I was then free to wriggle all I wanted to without feeling the big green book come down hard on my lap. Oh yes, meetings were soooooooo boring....

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    I used to look out the window of the Kingdom Hall on a warm sunny Sunday morning and wish I was anywhere else but where I was.

    So did I, BUT NOT ANYMORE!

    Our new Kingdom hall doesn't have any windows.


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