Tell Us What's Happening on Mother's Day

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  • QuestioningEverything

    My two sisters, who live about 1 hour away from me, are coming to visit me tomorrow. I will be taking them to an early dinner, probably to a local Chinese restaurant. My mom will be at the one day circuit assembly, which happens to be held in the next town over from me. I will send them back home with a large Cesar salad from my mom's favorite restaurant.

    I am looking forward to spending some time with my sisters.

  • VIII

    I sent my mother flowers. I also sent them to my ill sister in the hospital; her only child hasn't spoken to her in months and has only visited her once since she started treatment for XXXX back in January.

    As a side, my mom got the flowers yesterday and after calling me to tell me all about her day and how miserable it was she said:

    "oh, yeah, it was the day of your birth yesterday. You're now a day older." That's it, that is how she acknowledged my birthday, the day before. She then said "I've been too busy with your sister's stuff think about you."

    Ummm, yeah. Whatever. Thanks Mom. You make honoring you easy. Really. <sarcasm>

    Then she said "Oh, and thanks for the flowers."

    Why do I bother?

    Oh, because I hate to lower myself to her level and I like doing nice things like that.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Some wonderful thoughts here, and a laugh from Tracylee.
    VIII, good job. My mother (JW) has difficulty acknowledging anything, but generally does acknowledge it. It is better that she recognizes that she should acknowledge it instead of towing the JW party line. Something strange is better than nothing.

  • mamamo

    I won't do anything for my mom, very devout. But my son and I are going to Walt Disney World including Epcot to see Davy Jones from the Monkees. That is my Mother's Day present to myself!

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