my double life started in third about you?

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  • oompa

    all i discovered back then was i did not feeling like a FREAK!....i really started liking girls then, so found a way to make valentines and love notes like everyone else even though my parents were very clear to teacher i was to be sitting in the flukkin library for every holiday, birthday, you name it!!! i wanted cupcakes dammit!!! and you think i was going to sit there during the pledge of allegience??...hell no

    early worst moment in life...5th grade....walking down the sidewalk hand in hand after school with my cute blond gf...of course mom drives by and pulls over and makes me get in and gives me hell for such "brazen conduct" me i did not laugh then....shit like that scars you at just about any age....but i still managed to have girlfriends all through high school

    school was the best time of my life...i could be me at almost normal....i was in band in 5th grade and thank god i got to go to summer band camp for a few years...omg the fun i had there!!! the time i was in high school i had it down pat...i played guitar and would leave home with my guitar case and say i was going to play with a friend....of course my DISCO clothes were in the case and i would go out and boogie....often after seeing the late show of Rocky Horror Picture Show (like 30 was a serious fun party!)

    hell even when i was engaged to a hot jw babe (a bad girl...already reproved and dfd i knew she was fun and the one for me!)....we spent more time in the back seat of my vw bus than we did driving it!!!! it felt so good to be so bad

    yet all the while i had to put on my good son jw face too...i so wish i had been more true to myself as a teen and rebeled like is hard not to look back and wish i had developed lifelong friends with REAL NORMAL and LESS JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

    I have got to get over the bitterness, resentment....and even hatred for this religion and some of the people (elders) in it....most of my friends there were a animals, yet they have shunned me for years even before i was dfd...i am still getting used to seeing the shock and fear on old friends faces who actually turn away if i say hi or wave at them...not all are like that but probably 95%...............four of my new BEST FRIENDS were found right here on jwd and they are a lifeline............................oompa


    Good morning Oompa..

    Most of the JW teenagers I knew found all kinds of ways to do what they wanted and not get caught..

    Kids are going to be kids..


  • isaacaustin

    I remember in 5th grade when we all were assigned jobs for the week. I was assinged one week to lead the flag salute. We had a very patriotic teacher and I was afraid to tell her I couldn't do it, and also embarrassed. So I stood at the flag and led the salute, mouthing the salute and saying it as low as I possibly could...feeling very, very guilty. Damn, this sucks even reminiscing on this.

  • prophecor
  • OnTheWayOut
    normal....i was in band in 5th grade and thank god i got to go to summer band camp for a few years...omg the fun i had there!!!.....

    Warning, adults only video:

    congrats on trying to be normal. There was no way that elephant was going to stay captive with ordinary chains.

  • outlawwilly

    Never had a double life really. Started the fade late in life.(20's) Was kinda forced out due to holier than thou elders wives, meddling in affairs that were none of theirs. I was a goody two shoes witness son of a powerful elder, so I mostly narced out the others who had double lives.

  • yknot

    I never had a double life in school.....

    The only ones who did were elderkid boys ....

  • oompa

    lol thank you otwo....i love that scene and all those pie movies...i am still a kid at heart....i wish i had met her at band camp!!!....oomps

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I wish I had led a double life.

  • iceguy

    I sang "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer" in 1st grade in a Christmas program they held in the Gymnasium. It was during regular school hours so my parents did not know about it. I really enjoyed feeling like all the other kids and I wanted so much to have Christmas.

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