How much do you truly believe you would enjoy living in a perfect world? Paradise...

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  • prophecor

    Our ability to walk in this world is so hindered due to our imperfection. We don't even use the total capacity for our brains. 1/10th of 1 percent? The world, life as we know it and who knows, maybe having mastery of not just this planet, but space and time. The universe with it countless planets and solar systems. The possibilities are endless.

    There is no way to view effectively, any future God-Christ directed life in the world to come with our molecularly limited mentality. Yes it's the "Eye has not seen, nor has it even been thought about" scripture, we have been inculcated with. We as once Jehovah's Witnesses were given a raw deal on much, I do agree. A lot about what's been brought to our attention however, I believe to be the truth. I don't want to die, and if there was a way to do it, and not have carry around this body with its ailments, sin ladened and frustrated, as well as the universe returned to the state that Jehovah intended, then I'm the first one to sign up for it.

    Seem a little silly to me that God would create man, merely to allow him to be on the planet a scant few minutes, only to have him disappear into nothingness. Why bother bringing us thru at all. I can't even scratch the surface of the whole "why are we here in this condition" thing. We, even in our so called technologically advanced age, with our smart phones, I-Pads, YOUTUBE, the internet, space flight yadayadayada, are so far behind the times that it just becomes redundant how truly little we as a planet are bathing in our own ignorance.

  • NomadSoul

    Prophecor, you may use 1% of your brain. But most of us use 100% of ours. Just saying that you might want to look into that.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    For the past couple years I've been thinking to myself, if it is true, and I'm fortunate or unfortunate enough to be there, I want to go somewhere where there will be absolutely no human contact for at least a few years. I don't want to be around anybody. I wouldn't mind the animals roaming freely, but I want absolutely nothing to do with humans for a few years. Sick of people, in particular sick of other Jehovah's Witnesses. If I end up in the new system, I'll probably be the first Cain, aka the first one to kill somone.

    Something you guys may or may not be neglecting, is that the paradise doesn't just happen overnight. We're going to have to do a whole lot of cleaning up, but get this....we're going to have a whole lot of meetings, and bible studies with those resurrected. It will be a neverending cleanup of debris and neverending field service, at least for a ONE THOUSAND YEARS. I'll be honest with you, as a born-in, I've had my share of meetings and field service, and if this religion's teachings are true about the future, I think I'd rather be dead. I might just step out in front of the bus today during my lunch break.

  • watson

    I already have my pith helmet and khakis picked out for the endless bird watching safaris. Can't wait!

  • NomadSoul

    If God will stop all the natural disasters... Which involves chaning the Earth's plate tectonics and moving the Earth to a perfect location where the weather would be nice everywhere.... you would think he had the power to clean up the Earth while he's at it. LOL

  • LostGeneration

    It would be cool for about a year, just kickin' it with lions and tiger and bears.

    Then the monotony would simply start to overwhelm everyone like a cancer. I mean, no sinning at all!!?!?!?

    What would you do? No football? No gambling? No "competition" at all? How ridiculous is that? And what happens when someone organizes a competitive league of some sort? Are they then a "sinner" and going to be put to death?

    The simple fact is that the JW world cannot/will not exist until free will is revoked from man. If you don't care about having free will, then by all means hope for that JW la la land

  • AGuest

    May you all have peace! Funny (to me) how such a question garners so much negativity. Isn't it the limited time of our lives that make learning things like how to play an instrument, reading books, travelling, etc., desirable and necessary? We want to know "everything" we can while we're alive... because of our knowledge that we won't always be alive, right? If, however, our lives had no limit, no end... what would be wrong with just being? Why do we have to DO anything? We have to... or, at least, we THINK we have to... because that is the lot of the flesh: to work and toil and till and learn its environment, etc.

    Spirit beings, which all will be (although with the capacity to put on flesh), don't experience this. Time is not an issue. Lifespan is not an issue. There aren't the same limitations... or urgencies... as with the flesh... particularly with regard to time. And so there aren't the same needs and desires. The flesh "needs" to do/undergo certain things in order to know that it is alive. It must keep reassuring itself of this. Because... it dies. It needs to know that it has not died... and is not dying. Yet.

    But it really is not that way with the spirit. The spirit is an infinite, eternal force. It does not die; it must be destroyed. That is why, even among people who do not understand things of the spirit there is the need to plan and live... for the future. They know that even if their flesh dies... "life" goes on. So, they plan the future. These days, hundreds of years in the future.

    I enjoy living in this world, including its joys and sorrows. If I can enjoy this one, limited though it and I are, how could I NOT enjoy a world where neither it nor I are limited and all IS perfect? To me, the word itself ("perfect") denotes that there's nothing that I WOULDN'T like/enjoy... about it... or existing in it. NO sorrow. NO mourning. NO outcry. Many cannot imagine such a state of existence, however, because, again, of the limitation of the flesh.

    Free your minds... and the rest WILL follow!

    Again, peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,


  • wasblind

    " What would you do? No football? No gambling? No "competition" at all? How ridiculous is that? And what happens when someone organizes a competitive league of some sort? Are they then a "sinner" and going to be put to death? "

    Now that's what I'm talkin' bout Lostgeneration,

    even in the animal kingdom there's competition, will and determination

    but in Paradise for a human to posess those things is a no no.

    How can it be a paradise workin' all day pickin' up dead bodies

    Lunch break consist of fruit, dinner consist of fruit , then go back

    to work pickin' up more dead bodies with your stomach still growlin'

    cause that fruit still ain't hittin' the spot. At quittin' time prepare for more

    bible study, Jesus fed folks fish, can anybody eat fish in paradise?????

    The WTS can have their version of paradise, I got reservations elsewhere

  • prophecor

    After giving calculation to the hours of our existence, the best we get out of the the deal is roughly about 25,500 days. That equates to roughly 70 or so years that we get to experience life on this planet. That's a pretty pathetic number. When at first giving thought to the subject, years ago, I wondered how many days do our years number? A million, maybe? I was dumbfounded to some extent when calculating how limited our days really are. We are here, just as Jehovah described. As mist appearing for a little while. An exhalation. Our ability to view time as it relates to Jehovah and eternity are impossibe. How much more so our capacity to properly view our lives in the stream everlasting life?

  • nugget

    about a year ago someone posted a piece of creative writing about paradise. It was awesome.

    What you have to decide is whether you could live in a world with elders in charge. It will be dreadful truly truly dreadful.

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