Pennsylvania witnesses shot at

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  • DaCheech

    villabolo's stripes are always the same

  • WhatWasIThinking

    I remember hearing from the platform that it was ok to go to house that had a "No Soliciting" sign. The reasoning being that we weren't selling anything so we weren't soliciting. We were told that if there was a "No Trespassing" sign clearly visible to ignore the house. It was implied that if the sign was not clearly visible (partially obscured by plants, faded, not visible from the street, etc.) that we should knock on the door. We were also told that unless the householder actually said to not "ever" come back or "never" come back (key being to NEVER come back) that we were not to put them on the do not call list no matter how angry or aggressive they were because they could have a change of heart in the future. If they just said don't come back we were to continue calling on them.

    Personally I would skip any house that had a no soliciting or no trespassing sign regardless of whether it was partially obscured. If it was at the front door and I didn't see it until I got up to it I would turn around. If people said to not come back I would put them down as a DNC even if they left out the word ever (or never). I worked with JWs that were very argumentative when the householder was not interested. I saw people stick their foot in the door so they could finish their pitch when the householder tried to cut them off and shut the door. There were a few times I really hoped the householder wasn't going to shoot us. Stopping someone from shutting the door is extremely aggressive. If someone were to do that to me at my house they would either get a) foot slammed in the door and cops called b) punched in the face and cops called c) business end of a pistol and cops called (but only if I really felt in danger).

    The WBTS really needs to give firm direction stating to pass over homes that have no soliciting signs. Using a legal loophole that most people are unaware of is sneaky and asking to put JWs in danger. They also need to make it clear that if people say to not come back it's the same as never come back or don't ever come back. Unless you were ever affiliated with the JWs how are you supposed to know that there is a do not call list but you have to be very specific to be put on it? Again, they are just asking for trouble.

  • blondie

    An elder in this area ignored a no trespassing sign. He was with another brother. They were both stopped by the police and given a citation for $286. They went to court thinking this was a freedom of religion aspect, the WT lawyer was a boob, and found out that No Trespassing laws were applicable to them....with some begging the citation was reduced to $200 but they both had to pay.

    That put the fear in many jws in this area. jws hate to pay out money for anything. About that time the WTS clarified the no trespassing laws.

    The Legal Department runs the WTS more than anyone else nowadays. I understand there is no longer a Service Desk but they are called a Branch Office fot the USA.

  • Violia

    They are so used to lying and using legal loopholes . This is how the wts functions. They then put jws in danger by encouraging them to not heed those signs. "but they need the truth" is lame if there are clear signs that say No trespassing, No solicitors . I don't care what they think, people at the door consider them as solicitors and do not like their signs ignored.

    I noticed that most of the comments under the article where very anti-jws and saying they were pests . They frustrate a lot of folks and don't always tell you that you can be put on a DNC list. The current jws would be wise to heed the laws.

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