Pennsylvania witnesses shot at

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  • Siddhashunyata
  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Some people are too trigger-happy.

    At least no one got shot.

  • Spittn4Cash

    I dont know whats funnier - 5 Jehovahs witnesses getting shot at....or the fact that the dummy who shot at them can't afford bail!

  • Reality79

    I'm glad no one was hurt or killed, but it shows what an extreme nuisance the witnesses are calling uninvited to people's homes and disturbing them. That's why I never ever felt comfortable with the door to door work. I remember a man at the door telling me and this guy I was working with he could understand if we came just once a year but we seem to knock on his door four times a year. After we left the fool I was working with said to me "Just four times a year? That's it?" In a brainwashed dubs mind, four times in a year isn't nearly enough. Crazy! It's no wonder the witnesses are so hated.

    You would think those seven bastards in Crooklyn would have put a stop to it in 2011 but no, they continue to send the brainwashed zombies out on the frontlines putting their lives at risk while they just sit back living lavishly without a care in the world.

  • mouthy

    How intolerant.... I can understand yelling at them to get way but shooting?
    I see the guy has a lot of things going on in his life ,which is scary for him BUT
    To scare the car full of "mindcuffed robots" in my opinion is stupid.
    It brings back memories of the nuts that used to do stupid things to me
    when I was "mindcuffed"Hope the guy gets off with a warning though.
    He needs prayer in my opinion. Catholic or not!!!!

  • Giordano

    "That's when her husband, William George Kalapach, went inside his home and got his rifle. The women were walking to their car, where three other people were waiting, when Kalapach said they weren't moving fast enough, state police at Swiftwater said.

    Police said he fired four shots into the ground near the car with all five females inside.

    He is now in Monroe County Correctional Facility, charged with aggravated assault and other charges.

    "This is a Catholic home," Rhonda Kalapach said. "This is a devout home."

    She said the evangelists ignored repeated demands from her and her husband to leave, forcing her husband to react the way he did."

    Might be a good idea put that house on the 'do not call list'.

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita

    I actually have empathy for the residents. I keep hearing from those who are posting on this thread that they're glad no one got shot. That's the kind of thing you would say if they were actually being aimed at and missed. What was actually done is known as a "warning shot" which has, as its motive, the intent of warning people to not continue in their actions (or in this case, repeat such actions). Furthermore, this warning shot was done in the safest way possible; aiming at the ground instead of the air.

    Considering the stressful, personal circumstances they were going through I would have charged them with "Discharge of a firearm within the city limits"; a misdemeanor.

  • Violia

    I was a bit stunned with his comment" this is a catholic home , a devout home"( words to that affect.) Then he shot at them. I read on that he's very ill have recently suffered a massive heart attack.That has something to do with his behavior. He's also just buried his mom. I'm not excusing violence, but he sounds like he was just overwrought and not in his right mind.

    Jws can sure be pests at times. He should have put up a "No Solicitors "sign and got on their " No return" list , but they probably did not know there was a way to stop jws from calling at your home. We all know jws ignore these signs routinely.

    In my state you do have a right to protect yourself or property if in mortal danger. You do have to prove there is a mortal danger , however if you shoot at someone. You can be arrested and a decision will be made if your use of "force" was justified.

  • Violia

    The comments below the article are very anti-Jws. Many folks think they are pests and should mind their own business.

  • kurtbethel

    Enduring years of someone saying you are part of Babylon the Great, a member of Satan's organization, and threatened that you are going to get mercilessly slaughtered at Armageddon can cause one to snap and turn on their abuser.

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