Pennsylvania witnesses shot at

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  • kurtbethel

    Enduring years of someone saying you are part of Babylon the Great, a member of Satan's organization, and threatened that you are going to get mercilessly slaughtered at Armageddon can cause one to snap and turn on their abuser.

  • blondie

    I read this and remember the 2 times I had a gun pointed at me. One was returning to talk to a woman to find her husband at the door, armed, asking me not to come back. The wife had asked me to return so it was no uninvited drop by. But I left immediately apologizing for disturbing him. I had the elders put down the do not call emphasizing the gun and the violent organization this man belonged to (confirmed with the police). I said that no one was to go back or they would be bloodguilty.

    What disturbed me about the news account was:

    1) the householder was definitely saying to them to go away but the jws lingered, talking even more, perhaps TRYING TO OVERCOME AN OBJECTION rather than waiting for another day

    2) based on the neighbors feelings, it seems that the jws in the area had ignored quite a few strong objections not even giving people the choice of placing a DNC request.

    I'm wondering if previous jws had been told not to come back strongly and did not see it as a DNC.

    But saying that, if you are a frustrated non-jw, do not shoot them or at them, call or write to the local congregation (registered mail) and check with the local police to see what you can do.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    That's one way to get them JWs to move fast!

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    In the district where I lived when first contacted by the JWs, such incidents were not altogether unknown. Unfortunately, there are persons around who still own firearms, but are not in any fit mental or emotional state to be trusted with the things. Combine that with a serial nuisance such as the JWs, and the above can all too easily happen.

    However, to argue with somebody who is threatening you with a weapon is one of the heights of stupidity. I have been held up at gunpoint (though not while in the field service). Not having any particular desire to be awarded a medal for getting myself shot, it was very much a case of saying "you win" to the gunman!


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Many years ago I was at a door it was my turn and i gave my spiel and the person was serious faced and said "i don't want anything" so I just said ok and the person with me was strangley quiet

    after we left she said to me " he was pointing a gun at you" I never saw it so I was just saying my stuff no fear or nervousness.

  • FreeFallin

    Suppose these people were on a DNC list, and someone dropped the ball. Like Blondie said, no one took their desire not to be called on seriously.

    I wish every unbaptized and on the fence husband would forbid their wives and children from going out in service

  • Simon
    I actually have empathy for the residents. I keep hearing from those who are posting on this thread that they're glad no one got shot. That's the kind of thing you would say if they were actually being aimed at and missed. What was actually done is known as a "warning shot" which has, as its motive, the intent of warning people to not continue in their actions (or in this case, repeat such actions). Furthermore, this warning shot was done in the safest way possible; aiming at the ground instead of the air.
    Considering the stressful, personal circumstances they were going through I would have charged them with "Discharge of a firearm within the city limits"; a misdemeanor.

    What a complete and utterly idiotic comment.

    There is NO excuse for discharging firearms simply because someone of a different religion knocks on your door.

    All they have to say is "no thanks".

    What a miserable coward - firing a gun at 5 women. If he felt threatened then he's a cowardly wuss.

  • MrFreeze

    How can you justify unloading firearms around someone simply because they annoy you? if you react like that everytime someone irritates you, you will spend a lot of time in jail.

  • undercover

    We had a rifle fired over our heads one time. We were trespassing and the land owner wanted to impress upon us how serious he took the offense we were committing.

    Some in the car were pretty upset but I knew he was aiming high just to scare us, though still stupid and uncalled for. He could've just said "Git" while holding the rifle and we woulda got.

  • LongHairGal


    I am sorry this happened. I never felt comfortable doing door-to-door and over the years I met several hostile persons. I asked myself, what the hell was I doing because deep down inside I knew they had a right to be annoyed at people calling at their doors.

    As far as 'Do Not Call' notations, they are sometimes forgotten and some clueless JW ends up ringing the doorbell of a dangerous person. I know because it happened to me once. I was given some numbers on a block but nobody told me there was a "Do Not Call". Lucky for me Mr. Dangerous wasn't home. Also, I have worked with stupid JWs who ignored "No Trespassing" signs and I had to stop them. So much for "No Trespassing" signs because you will either get a nervy JW who will ignore it or somebody who just isn't paying attention.

    In my opinion, the door-to-door work is simply a visible yardstick by which the rank and file JWs are judged and to me they are spinning their wheels and wasting time and gas. If the religion really had a 'lifesaving' message and time was of the essence, they would use the media, not the stone-age way. This is dangerous and like being on the front line. A JW never knows what they will encounter. Also, the door-to-door work is the JW religion's claim to fame, almost a trademark of sorts, which is why they are reluctant to give it up.

    Do the guys at the top do door to door work with any regularity? Or, is it just for expendable John Doe Publisher?

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