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  • Mary

    Yesterday, I went out for lunch with my parents when my mother made mention of something she had read in the newspaper about some new discovery of species that went extinct millions of years ago. She asked my father what method is used to determine the age of something, because of course, this flies directly in face of the biblical account of life on this planet being only a few thousand years old.

    Anyway, my father related a story that some brother he ran into recently at the ASSembly told him. This [unnamed] brother related a story told to him by another [unnamed] elder who knew an [unnamed] Circuit Serpent who was "really chummy with one of the [unnamed] executives at the Royal Ontario Museum". This [unnamed] CO asked this [unnamed] executive one day about the "real age" of a 90-foot sauropod dinosaur that is on display there. This [unnamed] executive replied "about 13,000 years old". (Although they haven't made mention of it in a number of years, my father still holds fast to each Creative Day being about 7,000 years in length). The CO then asked him why it's advertised as being 150 million years old. The [unnamed] executive replied that it's because "virtually all of the donors to the Royal Ontario Museum are all athiests and they want it that way". (Wow! And here I thought it was the Jews who had all the money!) This is quite an interesting statement to make since approximately 70% of Canadians believe in a God.

    So there you have it. Verified proof from an unnamed elder, and unnamed CO and an unnamed executive at the Royal Ontario Museum that a huge world-side conspiracy (surely directed by Satan himself) is covering up the 'true age of the dinosaurs.' I'm just waiting to hear a story about how they actually found one of these species inside the remains of Noah's Ark.

    Of course, I just rolled my eyes at this crap and realized that another JW Urban Legend has been born. This dumb-assed story with absolutely no verifiable characters will be spread throughout the Watchtower World so that any Doubting Thomas' can relax knowing that the bible's description of the age of creation is only several thousand years old, not millions. It also begs the question as to how exactly a CO was on such friendly and intimate terms with a worldly executive, when a CO travels from congregation to congregation for 50 weeks out of each year and has very little contact with anything outside of the WTS.

  • dgp

    Well, apparently atheist Canadians bribed the scientific community around the world :-). Even Russians.

    Now that you bring this up, I remember that my grandfather, atheist and cleric-hater as few men have been, and a frequent target of Watchtowers and Awake!'s because of the grocery store he owned (more on that later), had kept a copy of the Watchtower or Awake! where the Society discussed the method to determine the age of animals using Carbon 14. Do you have an idea when that was printed? It would be interesting to dissect that. Maybe it would even backfire against stories like this one?

    Another thing I wish I had asked my grandfather wash how he managed to stay in friendly terms with Jehovah's witnesses. The man was generous to no end, and his grocery store was the place where you could always find a glass of water, at the very least, if you bothered to ask. The fact that he sold beverages and juices never prevented him from giving people something to drink for free. I have good memories of that grocery store, one of them, by the way, that it was there where I laid my hands in that magazine about the Generation that Would Not Pass Away. He had it right next to cowboy stories and diabetic love stories.

    By the way, since my grandpa has been dead for quite a long time and the hygiene in the place where he kept his books could be appropriately described as questionable, I believe that the magazine is now going through the umpteenth transformation. It must have gone to the stomach of rats and cockroaches first, then perhaps Sylvester the cat and microorganisms, it became manure, then was incorporated into the topsoil, then a little plant used it, a bird ate from it... In the larger scheme of things, that magazine was useful after all!

  • Terry

    Each Jehovah's Witness has a "content advisory" pop-up in their head. Any topic that is simply extraordinary refutation must never be thought about.

    The rational mind is disabled.

    Reality access is denied.

    Watch them squirm or lie outright; it is quite a stunning spectacle to observe.

  • shamus100

    What Terry said. That's why you can never EVER reason with them - they want to believe it is true, therefore it is. ;)

    Does this surprise you Mary?

    Thanks for making me laugh this Sunday - I'm going to turn up the heat, burn some dinosaur heat, and go for a ski. :D

  • Mickey mouse
  • Mary

    LOL @ Mickey Mouse.......ya......now if we could just bury them all in the sand and leave them for 65 million years.........................

  • wannabefree
    this flies directly in face of the biblical account of life on this planet being only a few thousand years old

    The Watchtower hasn't taught that the creative days were literal 1,000 year periods for quite some time. The current thought is that each creative day refers to a specific period of creation that can not be assigned a number, therefore, dinosaurs millions of years ago isn't necessarily a problem, man's existence on earth is believed to be only slightly over 6,000 years.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    , dinosaurs millions of years ago isn't necessarily a problem, man's existence on earth is believed to be only slightly over 6,000 years.

    wannabefree, The WTS have not said in recent years that each creative day is 7,000 years, that is true. However they have NOT said that the creative periods could be millions of years long either.

    I know of someone who wrote to the WTS on this topic a few years ago and they reiterated their idea of 7,000 years. * It would be interesting to write and ask what the current position is.


    * PS Under "Questions From Readers," the January 1, 1987, issue of The Watchtower discusses the creative days. The Watchtower states: "... a study of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and of our location in the stream of time strongly indicate that each of the creative days is 7,000 years long." While this is true, the Bible does not specifically state this ┬Čand that is why the Insight book merely says: "The Bible does not specify the length of each of the creative periods."

  • AnonJW

    Mary is that you in the avatar pic? Will you marry me? Sorry, off the subject.

  • DagothUr

    It's true, they taught that each creation day had 1000 years, but in the present they teach that a creation day is the equivalent of an "era", an indefinite period of time. Only the last day started a few thousands years ago, they say.

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