Hypocrisy 101 - Watchtower has Payed for College/College Courses for Bethelites!

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  • Roski

    Interesting to google vincent toole's name - it comes up with a doc re the org's " inquiry into the definition of a charity in Australia".

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Thanks for your input Billy the X. Phil Brumley sounds like a familiar name.
    I'm in shock still. I'm probably going to keep stating how hypocritical the GB's stance is on this.
    It's just like it's alright to miss a meeting for OT work at Bethel but unacceptable outside of that arrangement.


  • AndersonsInfo

    Phil Brumley was Overseer or Coordinator of Legal when we were in Bethel. He was not an attorney, but directed the department. That was the way at Bethel back then. The overseer of the Art Dept. was the former branch overseer of Denmark and couldn't draw a straight line which caused problems in that Department because he could not identify with creative people, but he was a "spiritual man" thereby he was made overseer. The overseer of Photographer was a car mechanic, but that's another story.

    I think it was sometime before we left Bethel in the early 90s, that Phil Brumley was sent to Law School. His wife was indeed ill--she suffered from serious depression, but worked in the Accounting Dept. anyway. For the first few years when I was in Writing, I did not know Phil was in Law School because nobody talked about it. When I found out about it, I didn't think there was anything wrong about his going to college since he was in charge of Legal. We saw Phil in court about four years ago. He was one sour apple, and of course, never spoke a word to us. He had turned into a Ted Jaracz in looks and manner. He never was a particularly out-going person; in fact, had the personality of a dead fish, so it didn't surprise me how hard-looking his manner was as I watched him across the court room talking to another attorney.

    Before I went into Writing, I was in the Engineering /Drafting Dept. Our overseer was Ronald Maxwell and he was sent to university to become an engineer. I believe he went to school sometime in the mid- or maybe late 70s and it was Max Larson that was responsible for recommending that Ron go to school. At that time the powers that be purchased the Towers Hotel and it needed remodeling, plus there was lots of engineering that needed to be done at the factories. Also, Cohi was beginning to invest money buying buildings for the Watch Tower. Ron and one other Bethelite, Bob Pollock, had a bit of background in drafting and became a drafting team in the Factory, and that was the beginning of a small Engineering Dept. that worked under the direction of the Factory. The need for a licensed Engineer would save the WT money if they did the work themselves so Ron was sent to school.

    Ron was not not particularly liked by other Bethelites even when the dept. grew huge while the Brooklyn Bethel expansion took place. He just wasn't managerial material even after some nine years as overseer. After Karl Adams called Ron Maxwell to tell him that I was being transferred to Writing, Ron called me into his office. Then after he told me the news, Ron said he wished he was going into Writing because he was a bookworm and loved to write and worked in a library before he came to Bethel. Ron said he hated engineering and would be happy if he could spend his days in the Writing Dept's library. About four months after I was in Writing, Ron was removed as Overseer of Engineering. This was becasue there were many complaints about his poor communication skills and he had lost control of the troops' respect. Actually, many people in the department were doing things that were not in the best interests of the WT. Ron then was transferred to the Construction Office and became an active engineer advising the overseers of the worldwide construction work, but was never made an overseer again, unless that changed in the late 90s after I no longer had contact with anybody in Bethel because I had left the organization.

    Then there was Robert Batko, a Bethelite who worked in Purchasing. He was sent to university to become an estate lawyer. His wife was a secretary in Engineering. Everybody liked Bob who was very friendly. I have no idea why he was chosen to go to university.

    Also, we knew Rob ?-- can't remember his last name now. Rob was a paralegal before he came into Bethel. He was a very nice young man who we really liked and had social dealings with him. I guess Rob was sent to law school sometime after we left Bethel but we didn't know that. At the Vicky Boer trial in Toronto around seven-eight years ago, Rob was there representing the WT. At the time we didn't even know he had become a WT attorney. Rob passed us in the distance in the court house lobby and Joe called out to him. He replied that he was not allowed to speak with us and walked on. It was sad because we thought of him as a son when we were in Bethel.

  • jwfacts

    Bethel put Vincent Toole through University for a law degree in the early 1990's. I brought him a gradution gift. I was the other end of the friendship a couple of years ago when Vince fought against me when I took Bethel to the Privacy Commission for not handing over my personal files.


  • VM44

    Here is what Seeker4 posted about 5 years ago concerning The Watchtower sending a Bethelite to college.

    Rob Pollock - Sent to Engineering College by WTS?

    Rob Pollock was the Bethelite (sent to college while at Bethel). When we visited Bethel in the 80s, Rob, at the time, was being sent to college for engineering classes by the WTS. We were asked to keep quiet about it, as the Society sending Bethelites to college was considered something the friends in general would not understand, and might resent. I also heard at the time that with his work at Bethel and the schooling, Rob was hardly making any meetings for months at a time.

    Rob went on to become one of the main engineers overseeing the Patterson, NY Bethel project.Anyone remember Rob and Cindy Pollock? As far as I know they're still at Bethel.


  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    This is excellent! I really appreciate everyones knowledge on this subject.
    And especially Barbara, it is an honor to have you share in this thread. A proven reputable source.
    Also thanks to jwfacts for the FACTS that you provide. Keep them coming! I am amazed I never new this when I was at Bethel, and if I did, it went right over my head.


  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Bethelite in the 80's at the Halton Hills Country Club in Canada went to university and took law. Worked alongside Glenn Howe, can't remember his name but pretty well full of himself AFTER going to University - see it makes you a bad person..

  • AndersonsInfo

    I forgot that Bob (or Rob) Pollock went to college. It wasn't at the same time that Ron Maxwell was sent to university though. Bob went to night classes yet I saw him at work, but his office was located at the other end of the floor where I worked and unless I had to go to that area for any reason, I wouldn't know how much work he missed. Mechanical and structural engineering were down at that end. My office was in the area where the Architectual group was located.

    I was assigned to work for Tom Kalimeris, a Greek guy who had studied at a university in Greece to become an architect but he didn't complete his education because he became a Witness. Eventually Tom became a WT missionary and after a few years in his assignment, when so many WT building projects for Brooklyn and Upstate NY were in the planning stage, Tom was invited to Bethel because of his past university training, which he completed in NYC and where he got his degree. Bethel paid the bill.


  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    It was not Shane Brady, I know that much

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Barbara, Are you thinking of Rob James? There's a lot of Bob/Robs in Bethel and mentioned on this thread, so it's hard to keep track. I knew Batkos well, but never realized that Bethel had put him through college... I didn't even realize that he'd been to college. Things like that are rather hush-hush. I hear that Bob and Cindy were sent to some Latin American branch. I wonder if it's one of the branches that's going to be sold, or one of the surviving branches.

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