Does Genesis 19 condemn Homosexuality?

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  • Leolaia

    I just have to share this; it's just too funny. From (I hope they allow hotlinking)

    Apparently this guy forgot to read Leviticus 19:28 which reads: "Never slash your body to mourn the dead, and never get a tattoo. I am the LORD".


  • mindmelda

    Every scripture used to condemn homosexuality in the Bible turns out to have only the vaguest insinuation that it could be about that, and it's largely a matter of translation.

    It was in the agenda of many religions to reinforce their already present bias with scripture, so they chose to translate certain words that way

    The phrase Paul uses that gets translated as "men who lie with men" in Greek is also applied to a married woman in another scripture in the Greek New Testament but do you ever get that scholarly comparison from the WTS or some other Christian groups?

    No, because it suits them to keep condemning homosexuality and having a scriptural excuse for it.

  • mindmelda

    Leolaia, that guy is probably nailing some other dude in a truck stop as we speak. It's always the homophobes that scream the loudest that you catch sniffing coke off another guy's ass.

  • transhuman68

    Paul was as camp as a row of tents- he just couldn't admit it.

  • superpunk

    Men who lie with men won't inherit the kingdom of god. Or something.

    Also for anyone who believes Lot's yarn about how his daughters raped him, I propose the following test. Start drinking whiskey until you get drunk enough to the point where you would not be able to tell that you are having sex with your child. I suspect you will have to be completely blacked out, otherwise you would know. Then try to have sex, or hell even get an erection. Report back with your findings.

  • mindmelda

    Mary is write...there's no word that corresponds to homosexual or homosexuality in the Bible. Just phrases that might refer to certain sexual acts that might have been performed between two men, but not necessarily.

    The Hebrews weren't big on sexual acts that didn't result in procreation, it seems to me. Polygamy, tolerable. Brother in law marriage, great stuff...breaking a promise to knock up your brother's wife for him to have an heir...death.

  • cyberjesus

    Whereami.. i am sorry but "oh dear" comments are not allowed in "Christian" threads. you either agree and read or leave.

    How ironic....oops

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