elders would like a talk with me

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  • varian

    hi everyone.

    i recently had a phone call from an elder of my former cong. they would like to chat with me, and obviously want to encourage me to come back.

    to make a long story short: the last 4 or five years i was a jw in their kh, i was more or less completly ignored. had in that time no phone calls, visits or any interest how i felt etc. jw´s avoided me in town, pretended they did´nt see me, or once i had to break off the five minute speach on stage due to lack of breath. the funny thing was, that the school-admin (or how do you say it) did´nt even mention the insident nor after the meeting. it was like nothing happened. i also remember my bookstudy elder, who almost on a weekly basis pronounced how to develope personal interest at the doors and return visits, but never asked me one question about myself, although it was known that i had huge problems at the time.

    i also sent a while in hospital. and geuss what: it was known (not from stage though), but not a soul inquired when i left about my current health.

    well, there are obviously a lot more stories similar to them. so i have accepted the invitation for a talk, because the p.o. is a very nice guy, but i don´t know if i should mention the things in the past.

    but i think i should, because the last years i spent as a jw in their cong screwed me completely up.

    what would be the best thing to do and say? thank you in advance. varian

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    And you will know them by their love?!?

    My stock answer to anyone who ask what to tell the elders is 'kiss my black ass' and keep it moving!

    There is no need for you to give them any power ort authority over your life.

    Be happy!

  • Hoffnung

    Their love is as cold as ice. They only contact you because it is in the societies procedures to do so, and they have to answer the CO for having contacted all inactive ones at least once a year, preferably around the memorial period, which is 2 months from now. Personal interest is motivated by something else.

  • leavingwt

    If you don't want to be DF'd, there is little to gain by associating with JWs.

  • varian


    i marked your words, thanks.

    i was thinking to ask them honest heartedly why they want to see me. now, if i mention all my personel expiriences and what you just said about giving note to the c.o., then they should answer my questions honestly. otherwise they would be lying, and finaly having a major problem, not with the c.o., but with god himself.

  • sabastious
    If you don't want to be DF'd, there is little to gain by associating with JWs.

    I agree, tread carefully my friend. Nothing wrong with a respectful decline.


  • sinis

    Who cares why they want to see you. It will not work in your favor. Plus, sad to say, they really do not care about your problems. My advice is to call up and cancel, if they try to reschedule tell them your extremely busy and YOU will call them back if and when its convenient... now with that in mind, continue to live your life and DON'T look back.

  • freskalynn

    I had quit going & when I told my dad (C O) that I wasn't going back they just read a letter that Thurs. night. No meeting or anything else. Apostacy for me & my husband. H quit going in 1965. My dad probably felt responsible cause he is the one who preformed the marriage for us at this KH. I wouldn't have gone to their interrigation meeting anyway. They came out on my job while I was working to talk to me and I wouldn't quit working to get interrigated. I'm not sorry for not meeting with them. I went through enough nervousness the way it wa. Oh yes they came out to our house & was there when I came in from work one time. They wanted me to study with them a article in WT on the pardical son. Said I needed to study that article before they might get new light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The light always changes and grows lighter & lighter.

  • varian

    thank you all.


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Why is it that when anyone does visit someone from the khall it's always in their dress clothes?

    Because they are out in service and can still keep the meter ticking when dropping in on someone.

    If they are dressed in street clothes, why that would be a waste of time, uncountable time.

    I just noticed a trend whenever they dropped by on my elder grandfather who was dying of cancer.

    That was no sacrifice of their time. That was countable time that could be written on a time slip.

    I find plain clothed people to appear more sincere.

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