The Bible as inerrant and complete, or sufficient.

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    My statements mean that those who believe the Bible to be true "outside the Watchtower" do not subscribe to the JW view that it is a historical document. Those outside have for a couple thousands years now understood that much of Scripture is written in various genre narrative and is not always literal, and thus to them these forms of literary garb, be they fact or fiction, does not change their view on the value of what they perceive are "truths."

    I hate to dig up an old thread but this paragraph is factually incorrect in the American Bible Belt and in many other individual fundamentalist churches across the rest of the United States, too. JuanMiguel, you are obviously smart and educated but you seem to make the mistake that because the knowledge you possess exists, that it is common knowledge to all. Many don't know what you know about the Bible. There might be a billion people on this planet who believe the bible is a literal, historical document that is correct in every detail. They are extremists and it is precisely because of their extremism that threads exposing the flaws in their argument are important here.

    What you say is correct in the context of the people you are applying it to. But as I said, there are others, MANY others, who DO hold a VERY similar view of the Bible to the Watchtower's. Several of them post here often.

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    I'm glad you bumped this thread Mad, I missed it the first time around. Started on page one and just finished. Excellent debate.

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