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  • chickpea

    well, that served up as a side dish of "big @ss grin"
    with this morning's most delicious coffee! well done!

  • Gayle

    Her editor has seen the magnitude of the response and realises that this could a big story and looking at escalating to a national level, so the point has been made.

    wow,,this is wonderful,,we truly have a "big story" to be told. Hopefully, when the media, tv, radio, and newspapers come out about JWs, it's great if we make our personal comments as much as possible. The power of the pen has become the power of the media and more, the Internet. We should have here threads for sending emails, with our related comments. Of course. as cantleave requests, to respect Ms. Emma's request for no further emails unless we are from SW England.

    Thank you so much for all your work, cantleave!

  • brotherdan

    I was hoping that this would happen! I know that she is only a presenter. And I think the point of the emails was not just to talk to her, but to let it known that this is not only an issue with a few people. It affects people worldwide. It's GREAT that her editor is seeing promise in this being a very large story.

  • wobble

    I think that an e-mail or seven from any of you guys vaguely in that area to the BBC Religious Affairs guy or gal at BBC H.Q in London would be a good idea.

    Just praising the programme you happened to catch, but saying that there is a much larger story to tell, the peadophile cover up is as bad as the Catholic Church's cover up for example.

    At this stage we don't want it to look like an orchestrated campaign so it just needs a few people to re-inforce what he/she may hear from the folk at Radio Somerset.

  • brotherdan

    True, wobble, but...from the emails I've read, people are telling their own stories. It hasn't sounded like a campaign (IMO). If I was getting these emails I would think that there was a much larger story than I thought was there. She was only covering a small "human interest" story about these 2 guys. But if she knows that this is a worldwide issue, there is a chance that she could take this to a new level. If she was to print out all the emails and give them to her editor, I don't see how they wouldn't see the potential for a large expose' and huge ratings for something like this.

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    This is great news. I hope this picks up in the US too.

  • sd-7

    Oops. Sorry about that. But this is actually good news, of course. I hope this story gets big enough to spread like wildfire. As the Mockingjay once said, "Fire is catching."


  • laverite

    Got it. A local radio or TV presenter certainly wouldn't want someone outside of their town/county/local area to hear or see them and heaven forbid to contact them.

    Widespread praise and international attention should be the last thing a local radio or TV personality would ever want. It's very distracting, to say the least! Follow the rules, people.

    but please respect Emma's in box!.....Cantleave

    I haven`t even Taken her to Dinner yet..

    .................. ...OUTLAW

  • brotherdan

    Outlaw...that was classic!!!

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