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  • cantleave

    I have just recieved a call from Emma, she has been in-undated with emails and has pointed out that as she simply a presenter for BBC Radio Somerset, a local station, please ONLY email her only if you live in South West England.

    Her editor has seen the magnitude of the response and realises that this could a big story and looking at escalating to a national level, so the point has been made.

    Also she wanted to point out that she is only the presenter and the Interview and research was undertaken by Tammy MacAllister and she deserves the credit.

    It's great to see the exjw community spring into action, but please respect Emma's in box!

  • wobble

    Of course we will Cantleave, but this is exactly what I was hoping for, a good response from all the great people of JWN so that someone with a nose for a good story pushes it to go national, and then even international, the paedophile scandal has been swept under the carpet by the WT, along with all their other lies, so they think, it is time it all came back to bite them in the bum.

    Well done all !!!! may this get the longest strongest legs and run run run !

  • alanv

    As usual JWN does brilliantly. We really are a force for good. I am sure they realize they have a potentially excellent story. Let's hope this issue is spoken about all over the UK, and then hopefully in other countries.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Remember the letters we wrote to officials et al when Malawi was the cause du jour? And that Theresa Graves was the honorary spokesperson for the Society?


  • elm

    Hi Cantleave

    Great interview, I live in the Southwest so I will send an E-mail, I'm also D'fd and have my own story to tell. Anything I can do to expose this horrendous practice I will try.

  • dozy

    For help in convincing Emma that you really are from the South West of England you may wish to watch the following clip & copy the vernacular and vocabulary accordingly...

  • Caedes

    As far as I'm concerned it's all flat caps and whippets north of Taunton.

    I may be a bit too far south west for a somerset radio station.

  • Bangalore

    I wonder what the rank and file JW's in England are feeling about this. Perhaps they consider it persecution from the media.


  • nugget

    I think what this shows is the unity in the ex jw community. This was a 10 minute item on a local radio station in the UK and it has promoted a world wide response such that they have asked responses to be limited to SW England. We have done our bit to show that this is a bigger issue than one family and that the society does have a case to answer. Hopefully it will be picked up and a more comprehensive program be put together to address the issues in more depth.

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