2011 Yearbook (2010 Grand Totals) Stats

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  • WTWizard

    And I thought Osama Obama's manipulation of inflation, unemployment, and stock market numbers are bad! If they were as deceptive as the Washtowel Slaveholdery, I would be buying silver and/or gold like there was no tomorrow because the dollar would be about to crash (and hyperinflation like never before seen anywhere would be about to hit).

    There is no way I can believe there are even close to 7.5 million true witnesses. I define "true witness" as someone that is in it for the truth, not trying to abuse the power that comes with the position, is doing all they can to spread the message far and wide, is at least 18 years old, and turning in genuine time slips. More likely, it is the witlesses that are in it for the power (so they can abuse it), are being pushed into a religion against their better judgment, are using it to mask problems in life, are under 18 and their parents are trying to force them in, and/or are turning in fake time slips. Take all those out, and see if they still have anywhere near 7 million witlesses.

    And, their studies--8 MILLION? Is this the same game Bernanke is using to tell us that we are soon going into prosperity? I think it's about as difficult to find the holes in that logic as it is to find the holes in "The dollar is healthy" logic. With the dollar, just look at what is happening to gold, silver, cotton, and food prices. With the Washtowel Slaveholdery's 8 million studies, look at what counts as "a study". They just go through a chapter and call that "a study". Or, these "studies" are with their own children, many of whom have no choice but to progress to baptism and therefore should NOT be counted).

    I can only hope "hyperinflation" tears through the Washtowel Slaveholdery. Now, is there any way I can sell short the whole organization and buy put options?

  • wobble

    I don't think we can trust these figures, we all know how fictionalised they are, and therefore we cannot use them to extrapolate firm evidence as to how the religion is going.

    Having said that, it is always a fun exercise to see how many they baptised over the last ten years, allow a generous 1% loss because of death, and then see what their net increase is. (If I get time I will do it later)

    This exercise clearly shows how many they are losing to this "Ponzi" scheme each week, it is a dangerous hole in the bottom of the bucket which they don't seem to have any interest in plugging, maybe because they know they cannot.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    While still "in", I always enjoyed putting their 'grand' totals in perspective. The following comparison caused a pioneer sister to have a melt-down, get angry, and challege my information. It clearly shattered her to understand that this 'great crowd from all over the world that Jehovah has gathered' is a such a paltry number.

    Aids orphans in in sub-Saharan Africa alone: ~14.8 million

    2009 PEAK (not average) number of JW publishers: 7,508,050 million

  • therevealer

    a bit off subject but can there possibly be a more pathetic way to use a big chunk of life than pioneering. what is the purpose. what is achieved. makes me sad for these deluded people.

  • maksym

    7,508,050 Peak Publishers up from last years 7,313,173

    294,368 Number of people baptized which is up from last years total of 276,233

    If we subtract 2010 years peak active members (publishers) from 2011 we get 194 877 increase in one year.

    If we subtract 194 877 from the newly baptised ones from 2011, 294 368, we end up with 99 491 missing!

    Over one third of all those baptised just walked out mathamatically speaking.

    That calculates to only an aproximate 1,3 percent increase in growth.

    If I am not mistaken the U.S Census says that the world growth rate is around 1.2 percent

    I guess that means there really is no measurable growth at all.

    This is pathetic but good news to me.

  • wobble

    This truly is good news !

    As I pointed out to my sister's husband a while ago, (he is a super-Dub, believes it all , Elder, service overseer etc,) these people who are walking away are people who have fully commited to it, they were baptised, active in FS and meetings once, they have "lived the tuth" as Dubs say, and found it wanting.

    What is wrong with the religion that they leave?

    He believes the fault is with them and not the religion.

    He will be a member of a very small band of gullible believers if he lives much longer.

    They will probably stop publishing full figures in the future, just "highlights, as a simplification", yea, for simpletons.

  • factfinder

    maksym- the number baptized are already included in the publisher figure.

    So we can't use it to see how many fell away.

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