"Look it wasn't a global flood.."

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  • Hoffnung

    And so the evidence is .... ?

  • ziddina
    "Would the idea of the earth as a planet have been an anachronism in the first century? Did Jesus at Luke 17:27 and Matthew 24:38-39 (Which are the only two mentions of the flood in the synoptics AFAIK) confirm or deny the idea of a global flood? ..."

    Mmmmm.... Interesting, TD, and it touches on a significant point...

    During the time of the writing of the OLD Testament AND of the New Testament, HUMANITY [generally] STILL BELIEVED THAT THE EARTH WAS FLAT...

    Unless "Jesus" was a student of Grecian mathematics, [and 'he' WASN'T...!!] "he" would have been speaking of a FLAT earth - and henceforth, in the typical mentality of the average person of the period, very easily flooded...

    So while you're debating this issue, KEEP IN MIND that the bible writers - and "Jesus" - STILL BELIEVED THAT THE EARTH WAS FLAT...

    Hell, Europe still believed that the earth was flat, well into the Middle Ages...


  • ziddina
    "Actually I am more interested in reading scientific facts that completely rule out the flood, then find it confirmed. ..."

    All right, then let's try this one...

    Within the geological sedimentary layers, there is a layer of debris found generally world-wide, that is the "fingerprint" or "signature" of a worldwide catastrophe...

    It's called the "K-T boundary", and is the proof - and I'm going to use the word "proof" here - that there was a massive asteroid impact around the end of the Cretaceous period that either killed off the dinosaurs or hastened their extinction...

    NO SUCH DEBRIS LAYER EXISTS for a world-wide flood... There is NO globe-spanning SINGLE sedimentary layer of "flood" debris, datable to a specific single date, found in sedimentary layers of the planet.

    Flood debris layers generated by violent flooding are easily distinguished geologically, by the way...

    If it ain't there, it ain't there, folks...


  • Vidiot

    ziddina - "...the bible writers - and "Jesus" - STILL BELIEVED THAT THE EARTH WAS FLAT..."

    No "Bible-believing" Christian will ever acknowledge that.

  • ziddina

    Too true, Vidiot... These people need to study history... Then they'd obtain sufficient knowledge to understand the underlying mentality in the Middle East under Imperial Rome...

  • Vidiot

    If they studied history, and more importantly, accepted what history had to say - they would no longer be "these people".

    And they don't give an at's rass about the underlying mentality in the Middle East under Imperial Rome.

  • ziddina

    Well, I'd better get off this board and get some chores done so I can "study [some] history"...

    I have been procrastinating far too long....

  • bohm

    hoffnung: "And so the evidence is .... ?"

    I admit freely that i dont have evidence that will stand up to how you apparently evaluate myths/physical theories. I cant force you to think the same way i do.

    I can only point out that if i use the same standards of evidence as you (inserting magic to "fix" problems, taking vague agreement with science as agreement he entire myth is correct), i can prove pretty much every obscure myth in norse mythology.

    If you one day desided to adopt the same standards as mainstream science and became criticalof any hypothesis that relied on magic, i think you would find there was plenty of things that didnt match the flood, like the presence of polar-ice caps. but instead of relying on me, i would propose you did your own research using freely avaliable tools like google.

    You would properly also come to the conclusion that any random myth is not true per default, but have to be supported by evidence after a critical examination before its accepted.

    but again, its merely a suggestion.

  • wobble

    Hoffnung seems to believe in God ? I am not sure if he believes the Bible is the word of God, but if it is then God lied, no global flood took place is my position, and yet God said it did.

    Just as with the existence of God non-believers do not have to disprove his existence (an impossibility anyway) we who do not believe in a global flood do not have to prove it did not happen, you who believe what the God of the Bible said in Genesis, and what Jesus said in the NT, have to prove that there was a Global Flood.

    "It is impossible for God to lie" claims the Bible.

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