"Look it wasn't a global flood.."

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  • PSacramento

    A global flood is a possibility, so is God "removing" all traces of evidence for it ( for whatever reason) but that also begets the question of WHy would God have used a flood when he could have done it in 1000 conceivable ways better than a flood?

  • Hoffnung

    There is still "some" evidence left, however small it is. The Black Sea bottom is full of it, actually. I really don't think God did anything to remove evidence, he just might have chosen a method that does not leave many traces. The fact that you cannot prove that an event happened, does not make it impossible. It is a grey area. Destruction by water also destructs evidence. How many people are still missing in Brazil? Why has the factory disappeared in El Salvador? Where is the evidence for that? it's gone. period. Nobody removed evidence from that either.

    And about the "Why this method?", your reason is as good as mine. I really don't know. The only contributing element I can think of, is that God was in a "hurry" for one reason or another. He could have used a complete-extinction-by-volcano-ash-and-gas method, but he wanted some humans and animals to survive. Just my 2 cents.

  • mamalove

    Clipped through the responses pretty quick, this topic interests me. I don't buy a global flood BTW. But anyone have any idea what the purpose of saying it was a global flood and stating all of the facts and figures and animals, etc.? What could have been the purpose of this account? Motivation behind it? Sorry if this is a stupid and obvious question.

  • PSacramento

    WHat was the purpose of the flood account in Genesis?

    Why, probably to explain a huge ass flood that happened.

    Ancient man wasn't that complex, oral tration had it that a huge flood happened and all the land was destroyed, all the animals and plant life were destrotyed and only a few people survived.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Perhaps I could overlook it if the flood was the only Bible account that logic, historical evidence, and Leolaia have disproven. There is a huge stack of Bible stories that are clearly myths. To a great extent, I started losing confidence in the Bible when I actually read it my first year at Bethel.

  • DagothUr

    You are using an invented book (the Bible) to discuss an invented event (the Flood) caused by an invented being (God). Is there no mental sanity left in the world?

  • cofty
    There are no eye-witnesses of the flood. All others cannot prove or disprove too much, as their is not really conclusive evidence against or for either case, just indications at best.

    Actually it has been proven beyond any doubt whatsoever that there was never a global flood. Its not a matter of opinion, just cold hard scientific facts.

    Its nice to be open-minded and all that but not so open our brains fall out

  • Hoffnung

    Let us talk about these cold hard scientific facts then.

    Can you explain what the extent of the flood was that caused this big change on Black Sea bottom (estimated some 6000 years ago)? How big was the volume of water and where did this water come from?

  • wobble

    Dear Hoffnung,

    see William Ryan and Walter Pitman's book "Noah's Flood" ISBN 0-684-86137-2

    not that this book is the final answer or anything, but it does show what the Black Sea evidence is, and it does not fit the global Flood idea one bit !

  • Hoffnung

    Wobble, sure that this does not prove a global flood, but for arguments sake, if they want to bring up the cold hard scientific facts, then they can write them out as well. Easy enough to make a claim and not provide the back up. Not that I can prove anything either though. I can just advance a theory and have others cut it down. At least I have to give it a try.

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