Super Bowl XLV

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  • poppers

    The Super Bowl commericals are fun.

    For the most part I thought they were terrible.

    Now all the rabid Favre supporters who are still stuck in 1998 can officially STFU.

    I agree. "And the Bears still suck!" Sorry Bears fans; I just couldn't help myself.

    I'm from Pittsburgh, and though I'm disappointed in the result, Green Bay deserved to win.

    I'm glad the team we beat was such a classy organization, including the fans. I was happy when they hired Mike Tomlin and took him away from Minnesota - just a great coach. Pittsburgh was the team I was hoping we wouldn't face, so that makes the win that much sweeter for me.

  • DaCheech


    what single sporting event you mentioned, is watched by more people all over the world live?


    why did canadians make their own american football leage, if rugby has such a great following?


    I'm a soccer fan, but you can't compare them to the adrenaline of football

  • undercover

    Being from the US, I grew up watching the NFL and college football...and I love the sport. But - I get where Simon is coming from. The NFL has, over time, become a spectacle. The networks, along with the NFL and people like Jerry Jones, are marketing the event, not the game. The game is still basically the same to players and hard-core fans of American football. But that's not good enough for ratings and revenue. They have to make the sport interesting and watchable to the casual fan, the wives and girlfriends and even foreigners. Real football fans still get their game, but now it's hyped up so that non football junkies can at least endure it.

    The complaints of American football are valid. Too many stoppages in play. Too many commercials. Too much milling about between real action. When you grow up with that you don't think about it too much but when you take the time to compare it to hockey, basketball and soccer you can see that football is one hour of action wrapped up in two hours of advertisement and speculation of what might happen next. I don't like soccer but Rugby was my favorite sport to watch when in that's some real he-man, tough guy shit there...not to take away from the toughness of NFL players. Pads/helmets or not, you have to be tough to play the game.

    The Super Bowl is the culmimnation of hype and self-worship. And most times, the game falls way below expectation (though this game was actually pretty good, once you got around the spectacle of the event). Two weeks of hype and then hours of TV coverage of - nothing, on the actual day of the game. I can't see how people sit through hours of shit just to watch one game. It's amazing.

    I never watch pre-game shit, or post-game shit. I will watch post game new conferences of my favorite teams coach and select players. I read the local media of my favorite team for the insider stuff. I don't need dumbass Terry Bradshaw or other scrambled eggs for brains players to tell me what I can discern for myself by actually watching a game instead of watching them. I turned the TV on last night at 6:30 and was still irked that I had to sit through 10 more minutes of shit before they actually kicked off. I want to watch the game, not Christina Aquilwhatever or the Black Eyed Peas or stupid, inane commercials. (don't mind cheerleaders though - too bad the Packers and the Steelers don't have them)

    Simon made another comment about the pre-game indoctrination of 'America is the best' type rhetoric. I've noticed over the last few seasons that the NFL has really wrapped itself in the flag. I'm sure part of it is a sincere appreciation for American freedoms and liberties and for the sacrifices of the armed forces, but being the skeptic that I am, I can't help but think that it's just another marketing ploy. American football is truly all-American. The Super Bowl is a national holiday and the sport being a mainly Sunday sport is actually a national religion. Why not expoit those things? Again, they have to make a spectacle of it. It's gottet to the point where the President of the US is now being interviewed by a fake journalist during part of the Super Bowl pre-game hypefest.

    And now that the NFL season is over, we can concentrate on the real winter sport - hockey.

  • DaCheech

    undercover, how about the commercialism of college football?

    teams stop playing their regular season, and then play championships 4 weeks later?

    what real championship can really be said with such a layoff?

  • Iron Head
    Iron Head

    Ok, I'm sorry but c'mon North Amerca ... WTF is WRONG with you?!


    It's like 'action, OK ... 3 seconds, we're done, cut for commercial break'.

    Really? When the advertisements that are going to be shown during the premier sprting event are a 'big thing' then something is plain WRONG.

    Poor boy Simon. Feeling the need to crap on America again? You might have a little credibility on this subject if you had posted BEFORE the Super Bowl or if you had made your opinion the topic of another thread. Anyone who speaks up now, here on this thread, after the event, is just a punk

    Lets forget real football (soccer for you luddites), lets take Cricket. It has more fans than American Football, Basketball, Baseball (OMG, boring !!) and Hockey (not too bad but just 'cause I'm 'Canadian' now and want to live) put together (and then some).

    Can't stick to the subject? Is this is just another platform to you to disrespect everything America?

    Cricket? CRICKET? CRICKET? Are you serious? Hahaha! The most sissy sport ever invented, and you compare it to the NFL, or even baseball? Hahahaha

    So much of the broadcast is just crowds of people milling around on the touchline but not much happening. Show more cheerleaders for christsake!!

    "Milling around on the touchline"? Hahahaha

    Do yourselves a favor - watch the 6-nations rugby. Forget about taking part for now because you'll get creamed and you can't just claim you won the 'world series' for sports other people play but 40 minutes of non stop action per half will change how you think about sport.

    Now you're touting RUGBY?

    It's not about padding, or statistics ... it's about passion and action.

    Absolutely. You finally got something right

    Brits need to stop calling real football "American Football". It's offensive to actual football fans.

    The British children's game is called Soccer in every English speaking country except England. Soccer scores are made with the head or the knee or the shin or the ass, as well as the foot. The ball is merely thrown and caught with the hands to set up the kick with a foot because it is more exciting, more accurate and more efficient than daintily rolling it along the ground with the tippy toes like a ballet dancer, which is practically impossible to do when the the other players are allowed to hit you.

    God gave real men hands for a reason, and real men are not afraid to get hit. This is why real football fans respect real football players, and regard Soccer players as overgrown children, because soccer is a game designed for children.

    Soccer is called soccer because the only gear that soccer players need are padded knee-high socks. Soccer is a stupid name for a sport, but soccer is a stupid children's game anyhow, and no one cares what it's called except Brits. If anything, soccer should be referred to as BODYBALL, TOEBALL, LEGBALL, HEADBALL, ASSBALL or EVERYTHINGBUTTHEELBOWSFOREARMSANDHANDSBALL.

    It's no wonder we were able to kick you out of our country 200+ years ago.

    Soccer? Cricket? Hahahahaha!

    C'mon, man

  • beksbks

    Sorry Simon, I can't agree with you here. American Football is awesome.

    Cute story here

  • Iron Head
    Iron Head

    By the way, congratulations to the Green Bay Packers. Great game. You won, fair and square.

    Cheeseheads, one thing you won't hear from Steeler Nation, much unlike our last 2 SB opponents, is bitching, whining and excuses. One or two less turnovers on our part, the outcome could have been much different.

    Hats off to the Packers. They made the plays when they had to.

    Pittsburgh STEEL has six Lombardi trophys. The Stairway To Seven will continue next year

  • flipper

    IRON HEAD- Are you going to post all the posters won-lost percentages like you did after the Championship games ?

    Flipper's prediction : Green Bay 28 Pittsburgh 24

    Actual score : Green Bay 31 Pittsburgh 25

    It was a really hard fought game. Kudos to Aaron Rodgers & his pinpoint passing game

  • Iron Head
    Iron Head

    IRON HEAD- Are you going to post all the posters won-lost percentages like you did after the Championship games ?

    Absolutely. I'm just now able to face the world. I'll post final results tomorrow

    I'm so glad Jehovah invented next year

  • poppers

    One or two less turnovers on our part, the outcome could have been much different.

    Sorry Iron Head, but the same argument can be made for the Packers concerning dropped passes, of which there were 7; that's right 7 passes that were right in the receiver's hands and were dropped. Rogers could have easily thrown for 450 yards and a couple of more touchdowns. The game could just as easily been a blowout for Green Bay if not for those dropped passes. Talking about shoulda's, coulda's, and what ifs is really pointless, though, because each team can make such claims in most games. In the end all we can do is accept the final result, as hard as that can be, especially if your team is on the losing end. I'm just thankful that it was the Packers' year to triumph after a 14 year drought and a year of tremendous adversity, and to beat the Steelers with their great defense and Super Bowl history makes it that much sweeter.

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