Rahm Emanuel Off The Ballot In Chicago Per The Court!

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  • james_woods

    Which states would they be? IL is actually has one of the lower income tax rates. Sales tax is about average.

    It may still be lower than some, but they just raised it quite a bit.

    BTW, Beks is off topic again - however, I don't think it matters once the Foodall conspiracy bleating has begun -

    so, free pass from the topic police.

  • beksbks

    Officer Woods. They have a flat tax, and they are raising it from 3 to 5.


  • DesirousOfChange

    3% is (was) a low tax rate, but Illinois allows almost no deductions, thus more income is taxed at the 3% rate (just went up to 5%) resulting in a higher tax due than if one was a resident elsewhere. For exmaple, an Illinois resident working in neighboring Missouri would pay taxes to Missoui first equal to the full amount they would owe if a Missouri resident. This amount would be credited to their taxes due to Illinois, but most still owe more taxes to Illinois as the Missouri taxes paid (at 6% max.) is less than the Illinois tax due because Missouri allows greater deductions.

    On another note, Geo Bush (41) claimed to be a resident of Texas all the time he was VP & Pres living in Wash DC. (12 years) although he did not own a residence in Texas (but did own a home in Maine). His official resident address was a hotel suite in Houston.

  • minimus

    Rahm, the Greater Lazarus.

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