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  • flipper

    Gnihton . That's nothing spelled backwards. My humble contribution to this thread

  • Heaven

    Vamp... that's one of my faves!

    Mr. Flipper... very ingenius... I like it.

    Here's another one I thought might go well with this thread:

  • ziddina

    Rofl!! ROFL!!! I LUV you guys!!! [Even you, monkey - and thanks for my face back... ...]

    BetterDaze, I like the looks of that last book, "Nothing in Her Way" - and that tagline - "She could buy a man's destiny - and sell it for a profit!"

    Whereami - Heaven - GREAT choice of videos!!

    Clarity - yeah, it's been said, but you can say it again!!! Hey, this is a thread about "NOTHING", after all...

  • ziddina

    VAmp - good pix!!

    Heaven - did you get the monkey??? Soak him good!!!

    Flipper - what, are you Leonardo Da Vinci??? [writing backwards and upside down or something like that..]

    Flipper, do you know how much trouble I had to go thru, holding my computer monitor up to the mirror to read your message???

  • satinka

    dc wrote:

    I've just spent two and a half minutes reading about "NOTHING." It was everything I hoped it would be!!!

    And more!


  • VampireDCLXV
  • VampireDCLXV
  • mrsjones5
  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Sounds like my love life: Making love out of nothing at all--Air Supply

    It's warm and sunny here in the desert at 79 F.

    Heading the news today: There will be rain one day this week with temps plunging way down into the high 60's.

  • StoneWall

    So the other day the boss came in to remind me that he was the boss and I am nothing.

    So I reminded him that would make him the boss over nothing.

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