I need help with what to believe?

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    White Dove


    What's interesting in what you said about your gut is that a friend of mine explained why she didn't believe in religion or Bible subjects. She said that the nudges you get when something is wrong or right is your god telling you what to do.

    I thought that was a really good point on how accurate a gut feeling really is, not that it's really God doing it. I think she's agnostic or something.

    I've noticed that mine is usually right, unless I'm totally confused and not reading a situation right.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    It is none of my business what you choose to believe - but it does seem to me that you have entered a situation that may become untenable.

    You have doubts, and that will eventually lead you to see that the Jehovah's Witnesses do not have the 'whole truth and nothing but the truth'. Going down this pathway will probably lead to problems at some point - for you will likely leave the organization, perhaps disassociating yourself eventually. This is not bad in itself - but the potential loss of family, as they follow the Watchtower leading to 'shun' those who leave, will be a matter of serious concern in your future.

    You may wish to carefully plan a safe 'fade' - never revealing your true opinions - then as an adult you might be able to slip into a life that is non-witness. I am afraid though that you might loose your family if you are not careful. You may wish to start a thread about 'fading' - develop a strategy that will work to keep you in 'good standing' so as not to loose family. Just a suggestion - from someone who was baptized as a teenager also, who wishes in retrospect that he could have figured it out and done something like that 35 years ago - instead I left at age 48, and then lost all my friends and those family who were witnesses.

    Peace to you


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    It's hard when they start attacking your character, I am not sure if they are doing this to you yet or not. I am beginning to encounter this from my wife. Instead of commending me for checking all things she's been saying that I am opposing God by opposing His organization. Or at least she is warning me that I might be opposing Him, invoking Acts 5:39 to back up her claims. My response, "Why should I fear a false prophet? (Deuteronomy 18:21-22)"

    She also says that my heart is not ready or that I do not have the right heart condition. I asked her for proof of 1919 also and invited her to use any means at her disposal. She says that even if she proved it, it would not matter because I do not have the right 'heart' for it. The personal attacks fly. My response, "If the Society truly has the authority it claims to have then why would I ignore their direction? Why do you believe in Jesus? Did He not prove who He was by His teachings, miracles, and rising from the dead? Without those proofs, who would you have any reasons to believe Him? (1 Corinthians 15:17)"

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    This is actually a lot EASIER for you then for most, the solution simply go away to college. Apply only at colleges that are a minimum of 200 miles from home.

    Now for 'what you should believe' well only you can answer that but a serious examination of your entire belief structure is in order.

    Start with step one why do you believe in god?

    Why do you believe in jesus?

    If there is a god why do you believe that the bible is in anyway the word of god?

    What evidence is there for god, is the evidence any stronger than say for santa claus?

    Is the evidence that the bible is inspired any stronger than the evidence that moby dick was inspired?

    Is the evidence that Jesus lived and performed miracles stronger than the evidence that mother teresa lived and perfomed miracles? Do you for some reason believe one did and one didn't? Why?

    Good luck on your journey.

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    Aussie Oz

    welcome and good luck Hannah

    i have two teens being raised as JWs so i will follow your story should you post more...

    Like the others have said

    ask questions and dont let them not answer


  • wobble

    Big Wobble Welcome Hannah !

    Please remember we are here for you, to help with some answers if we can, but always to support you in whatever you decide, but please please do continue to question, that is what lays bare what is true.

    Welcome again, and best wishes.

  • trevor

    hannahmcmanus Many years ago I had the same problem with my father. Perhaps this excerpt from a manuscript I am working on, will strike a chord with you :

    Father looked angry. ‘You ask too many questions, you always have. Why don’t you just accept what the Society says? We have the truth and we can leave the details to them.’

    ‘You have told me that you joined our religion all those years ago because you were impressed by the way the brothers that called on you took the time to sit down and answer all your questions from the Bible. Now when I ask you to be as reasonable with me as they were with you, you tell me not to ask questions. It is by questioning that we get to the truth. I can’t believe something until I am clear in my mind what it is I actually believe.’

    Father had heard enough. He stood up. ‘You can believe whatever you like, but if you want to stay in the truth, you had better stop asking so many questions.’ He disappeared into his bedroom.

    I turned to mother. ‘What do you make of all this?’ I asked.

    I just believe whatever the latest publications say,’ she answered.

    ‘Even if it contradicts the Bible?’ I asked.

    ‘There are things we are not meant to fully understand yet.’

    ‘But doesn’t it trouble you to not know what would happen to you if you were to die?

    ‘I can’t discuss this with you,’ she said firmly.

  • Heaven

    Hi HannahMcManus (HM) and welcome to JWN!

    I was about your age when I started waking up to the real truth about 'da troof'. I didn't argue with my parents although I did point out a couple of things that weren't Bible based (like refusing to go door-to-door pushing the ragazines being a risk to my eternal life and salvation ).

    Because you are still living in your parent's home you will still have to live by their rules. Even though I knew there were issues with the Watchtower and JWs, I continued to attend the Bible book study we had on Sundays at our home. This actually gave me more information to see how wrong it all was/is. Luckily, my Dad wasn't really into the cult at the time (when you have 2 jobs you have no time to dedicate yourself to a cult that expects you to work for no pay).

    Here's what my strategy was:

    1) Put together your life plan. Keep this to yourself for now. Decide what kind of career you'd like to have. Once you graduate high school, move out and go away to College.

    2) Get real busy! I got a part-time job and prior to that I took any and all babysitting jobs I could to get me money that I could put towards my post-secondary schooling and also to get me out of the house and away from pressure to do cult activities. Between my jobs, my farm chores, and my homework from school, there wasn't any time for extra cult activities other than the once a week Bible book study. I also paid my Mom $50 a month in room and board after I got my job.

    3) Get a hobby or 3. It is good to have fun in life and at the same time, learn something new.

    4) Get your driver's license. This facilitates your freedom.

    If you'd like to do more research on the Watchtower, one website that I have found to be excellent is the JW Facts website at: www.jwfacts.com .

  • designs

    Go away to college

    Get your drivers license

    I might throw in a Ten-speed bike and a Surfboard, some of the best thinking is done riding 20 miles or more and or sitting on a board between swells.


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