I need help with what to believe?

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  • poppers

    Do your own thinking on what to believe. Most people accept the beliefs of others, who in turn have accepted someone else's beliefs, who in turn did the same (you get where this is going yet?). So don't just accept something because someone else has a particular belief.

    A deeper question for you is this: why must I have a belief? After all, it's only a belief, and no belief is truth, it's only a belief that claims to represent truth, to be "reality". Which begs the question, what is "truth", what is "reality"?

    The deepest question is this: who/what is this "I" that believes in something, that needs to have a belief to direct its life? Is that "I" real or is that "I" only another sort of belief? Without that belief in "I" what is experienced, where is "truth" then? All of these questions are for you to explore directly for yourself, so take no one else as your authority and blindly follow what they have to say. If you explore directly the deeper questions then you'll know what to do when it comes to WT related questions.

  • sd-7

    Believe what you are already believing; from what you've said, it is clear that you are beginning to see that something is out of place with how your parents/those in authority are responding to you. If they're not giving you the answers, or if their answers are not satisfying, you have the right--no, the duty--to search for answers elsewhere, using any and every means at your disposal.

    What you have learned as a Witness is really like receiving one piece of a very large puzzle at a time. You will soon learn, I hope, to start putting those pieces together. Once you see what the whole picture looks like, the framework of your belief system will change. But it is up to you to start looking for answers. Just do what I did: Google "1914" and see where it leads.

    But beware: once you step through that door, there's no turning back. If you'd prefer not to know, then don't ask. The answers, while extremely satisfying in my opinion, are not for the faint of heart. It takes courage and strength to go down that path. Sounds to me like you have the potential to face this, but maybe...you should proceed carefully. Even with courage and strength, you may find yourself in over your head rather quickly. Be careful.

    I can help if you want, feel free to send me a private message anytime.


  • PSacramento

    You are asking yourself the "big questions" and no one can answer them for you, except yourself.

    If you are having doubts about your religion ( fith and religion aren't the samething by the way) you need to see why and where these doubts are coming from.

    You parents and us don't have the answers, it's no one place to give you any answers to a question like this, it's up to you to set your feet on the Path to the truth, the truth that doens't involve doubts, at least not the kind you are having.

    Follow your heart, follow the voice of God that is inside you, and you will find the truth and answers you seek.

    One warning though, you may not like the answer you find but it will be the truth, just be strong enough to accept and and not fall back on what is convient for you.

  • simon17

    Asking "help me with what to believe" will simply lead you from one high control group to another. Figure out what to believe FOR YOURSELF. You may never get to a satisfactory point, but you will be truly satistfied with whatever progress you do make.

  • Heaven

    HM... one of the books that has helped me greatly in life is called "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" written by Stephen Covey.

    His son, Sean, has written one for teens. You might want to check it out...

    7 Habits for Teens

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Hello, Hannah. In the final analysis it doesn't matter what you believe, all that matters is that you remain true to yourself and to the personal values you espouse as you live out your life. You're young and your life is just beginning. You have the great luxury of time to figure things out and you would be well advised to take advantage of it. The Society demands uniformity of thinking among its adherents and punishes those who allow their thoughts to stray, as yours are doing now. But your thoughts belong to you and to you alone. You need not share them with anyone who would deny you the freedom of your own mind.

    Keep thinking, be curious and be careful.

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