This Could Turn the World Upside Down

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  • BurnTheShips

    In the meantime, this, in my opinion, represents the best idea out there for low temperature fusion (not cold fusion).

    Inertial Electrostatic Containment Fusion.

    I've spoken with Dr. Nebel. Unfortunately, he is very careful about what he can reveal. The US Navy is funding the project but it has also received ARRA (stimulus package) funds.

    There is also Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, which is taking a different route.

    Dense Plasma Focus Fusion:


  • james_woods
    Additionally, looking at the actual experiment, it should be easy to replicate by others if the methodology is revealed in a peer reviewed paper.

    That is pretty much what killed cold fusion the first time around.

    Seems that some people have very short memory spans.

  • BurnTheShips

    I just picked up on a rumor that they claim to be building a 1 MW demonstration installation in Miami, Florida.


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