This Could Turn the World Upside Down

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  • metatron


    If you've been following the "Cold Fusion" controversy, you may know how difficult it has been to get opponents to get their facts straight , as many of these blogs point out. The reporting has not been fair, accurate or unbiased.

    OK, so maybe "Cold Fusion" is entirely misleading - but clearly, something profound is happening, that the authorities are upset about.

    If this public experiment succeeds - as it seems to - the results (in my opinion) could change the world down to its foundations.

    You could create massive financial deflation, the defunding of terrorism, the end of the age of fossil fuel, the weakeing of central governments, the overthrow of Iran, and much more.

    Read the pro's and cons in the argumentation. Even if this effort fails, you won't hear the last of this subject.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    The potential has always been enormous but just tantalizing out of reach. Harnessing the power of a star without its heat would be the breakthrough of all time. Yes it could very easily change our world and hopefully for the better. I used to think hydrogen was the promising power source of the future. Not so much anymore.

    I don't know, either way though even if a solution popped up now it will still take a few decades to change our infrastructure.

  • bohm

    has not been published or replicated yet.

  • fokyc

    More info here:

    "Rossi estimates that the cost of energy made with this system will be below 1 cent/kWh, in case of electric power made by means of a Carnot cycle, and below 1 cent/4,000 M J in case of thermal power production for heating purposes. That is several times cheaper than energy from fossil fuel sources such as coal or natural gas."

  • bohm

    Rossi has a black box. You plug it into the wall and stuff happends. Rossi claim that stuff is fusion and not a chemical reaction. We just have to believe him here because noone knows whats going on inside it but Rossi. Rossi is now looking for money.

    Rossi has made two important contributions which will no doubt win him the nobel prize:

    • Discovered cold fusion thereby disproving the common wisdom in QM and material science.
    • Discovered a novel way to remove the radiation from fusion which would otherwise be a sure way to detect it, thereby making his device look like its only a chemical reaction to the sceptic.

    I dont know which is the more important. I do know i wouldnt like to sit close to it if he had not discovered item #2!


  • Vidiot

    God, I love the 21st Century.

    Even if the cold fusion thing is horseshit, when you think about it, we really are on the cusp of a New System of Things in many ways. Quite ironic that it seems to be refuting so much of the WTS's ideology and eschatalogy, rather than affirming. I find it damn near impossible to imagine the WTS capable of adapting to this environment. Fragmentation maybe, like Dogpatch says, but that's about it.

    PS: I realize you and I are already on the same page with regards to the bunker complex theory (, but what do you think of my further arguments for it ( - last post on the page)?

  • bohm

    come on people, sceptisism! which of the following has Richard Feynman said?

    "science begin when you distrust the experts"


    "Trust the guy who say his black box will solve all the worlds problems in 3 short months if you give him your money. He will tell you how and provide evidence AFTER you give him your money."

  • Vidiot

    bohm - " begins when you distrust the experts..."

    Maybe so, but advocate that view too much, and all it does is appear to strengthen the arguments of the anti-science Luddites.

    Everybody loses in the long run when that happens.

  • bohm
  • metatron

    A few points:

    1) If you consider the LENR-CANR material (voluminous), then "Cold Fusion" has been replicated all over the world. (17,000 times, if you follow Jed Rockwell)

    2) "Cold Fusion" is probably misleading, if not inaccurate as to what is actually happening.

    3) I think the "Cold Fusion" debate demands better answers from its critics. "Hoax" or other ad hominem attacks undermine the whole of science by the unstated assumption that scientists who replicated results are simply fools throughout the world. This bothers me as it eventually leads to a conclusion that research is so ambigous as to be futile.

    4) Strange overunity results from Nickel/Hydrogen reactions have been similarly reported by maverick scientist Randall Mills, for some time and he has had basic parts of his theories/ results confirmed by a university. His technology is called "Blacklight". He tries to publish, for anyone that will listen.

    5) Feynman was a great scientist, thinker and writer - but not without his blindspots. He denounced the Papp invention, ad hominem, in a demonstration and may have directly caused an explosion that killed a man. Caltech settled the matter privately, without comment. His recollection of what he did has been challenged by others as to accuracy. Papp (who DID have many faults!) may have stumbled onto a strange noble gas cluster reaction that could be used in an engine.

    Time will tell, if this is real. Skepticism is always merited, as long as it doesn't get excessive.


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