This Could Turn the World Upside Down

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  • Soldier77

    It may be 'cheap' energy, but once it hits the markets, it'll be comparative to what we're paying now. Of course, it will take us off the fossil-fuel dependancy for home/business energy so it's a good trade.

  • Vidiot

    metatron - ""Hoax" or other ad hominem attacks undermine the whole of science by the unstated assumption that scientists who replicated results are simply fools throughout the world. This bothers me as it eventually leads to a conclusion that research is so ambigous as to be futile."

    Ditto; that's what I meant about "distrusting the experts" strengthening the arguments of anti-science ideologues.

  • bohm

    metatron -- well, im just saying the guy in question deserve 2 and not 1 nobel prize, one for discovering cold fusion, another for removing the radiation from the process thereby making it look exactly like its just a chemical reaction.

    im just trying to give him the credit he deserve...

  • DagothUr

    There were many revolutionary discoveries during history. At first, all seemed to be hoaxes. And in less than 50 years, we all had one in our home. If this Rossi guy is bullshitting the scientific world, screw him. There will always be the next scientist who gets it right just one year later! And after that there will always be the financial mammoth who will see the river of dollars flowing in perspective and who will finance the project and who will build one device (Made in China) for each one of us. It has always been so and so it shall be.

  • bohm

    DagothUr: I think you will find few examples of people who claim to invent stuff which violate basic physics, present a tabletop version in a black box which does not work in a verifiable way, ask for money, and are later proven right.

    infact i can come up with several examples that follow this pattern and did not work.

    but lets see, i think he will disappear and make a new black box in a year or two...

  • metatron

    Yes, there are plenty of examples of guys with black boxes asking for money - that ended badly.

    Whether it violates basic physics is the essence of the debate. Philosophically, I have a problem with what I see as 'reductionism gone wild' in science. They seek to explain everything with string theory or whatever while forgetting that at the 'bottom level', causes and reductionism collapse and things are arbitrary - 'just because'. Even arch-skeptics like Victor Stenger (Decoherence Theory) have to admit this.

    Can nuclear reactions happen without killing the researcher with neutrons? Maybe we'll find out...


  • bohm

    metatron -- while i will easily say: "there is a chance this is true", heck, i think there is a small chance his box contain a pony in a threadmill, i think the most likely option is that he is dead-wrong. In my time i have seen similar claims being made with:

    • quantum computers
    • cold fusion
    • machines that violated the 2nd law of thermodynamics
    • machines that violated the 1st law of thermodynamics (!)
    • anti-gravity devices

    and they have all turned out to be wrong.

    My point is this: He make not just one but TWO claims that we should be EXTREMELY sceptical about.

    Then he provide no details, no 3rd party verification, just a black box and a request for money. "definite proof will be given in 3 months IF you give me money!". yah right. that really sound sincere... Personally i would have settled for the nobel prize, the fame, the royalties and knowing i would go down in history as the most important scientist ever. But apparently he has better ideas...

    Ill look like a fool if it turns out i am wrong, but i would put a whole lot of money on being right on this one...

    do you want to wager a beer? ill give you odds 1:10.

  • WTWizard

    It has always been tantalizingly out of reach because the Establishment is dogging it. They cut off research money, and require EPA reports proving it's safe before they can even begin to work on it. They are doing this on purpose so they can create a fake energy crisis.

    You see, president Osama Obama wants to corral us into compounds, so we can be treated like cattle and worked to death. No retirement, no time off, no leisure, no nothing. Education (if you can call the dry, disjointed process they plan to use "education) is actually training--no class trips, no extracurricular activities, no nothing. And, once you are no longer able to work, you get executed.

    But, to pull that off, he needs to declare martial law. And, one way to get that is to create a fake energy crisis. With prices of everything else going sky high, easy solutions are not within reach. People will panic, creating riots that will become so widespread that Osama Obama will have his pretext to declare martial law. The other thing that could do the same thing, albeit more slowly, is for the fake energy crisis to drive unemployment to near 100%. Regulations (some of which are hidden in the sickness care bill and/or S510/S3767, some of which are elsewhere, and some of which get created as he goes) prevent people from starting new businesses to drive unemployment below 50% and/or solve the food and energy crises. That will make it easy for them to get us to enslavement.

    Now, throw in cold fusion (or any other alternative energy source). There goes the fake energy crisis, right out the window. Without the fake energy crisis, the gas lines (and pushing and rioting) and rolling blackouts (and fights for that last flashlight, battery, or candle) cannot occur. You also get a harder time getting unemployment high enough for it to work. And, if energy is plentiful, it will be more difficult to enforce the fake food safety bill or the sickness care. It also means less money for the oil and/or drug companies to funnel into the sickness care system, lobby the FDA to rule against natural remedies, and eventually new development of medicine that actually works. Prices plummet, cutting down the need for sickness insurance (anyone can afford a $2 cure for cancer before a $500 sickness insurance premium).

    To me, it is blatantly obvious why we are going nowhere on the development of new energy sources. The Establishment needs a fake energy crisis that goes on until they enslave us all, and will not allow anything that ruins their fake energy crisis to take root.

  • james_woods

    What do the greys think about this?

  • BurnTheShips
    has not been published or replicated yet.

    Indeed, and why not? I will wait until then. A detailed description of the device and experimental protocols seem to be wanting at first glance as well. Additionally, looking at the actual experiment, it should be easy to replicate by others if the methodology is revealed in a peer reviewed paper.


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