Is there any real difference...

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  • undercover

    ...between a group of people who wear sandwich board signs, hold up signs, hand out handbills or put up billboards with the messages of:

    "Religion is a snare and a racket"; " Millions now living will never die"; "Live forever in paradise"

    and people who hold up signs, hand out handbills or put up billboards that say:

    "Jehovah's Witnesses break up familes"; Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult"; Jehovah's Witnesses kill babies"

    This isn't in defense of JWs as a cult or religion or whatever. The JW religion, as organized by the Watchtower Society is a cult. Their basis of belief is based on erroneous teachings and doctrines. No argument there.

    The facts behind the signs of the anti-JW protestors are actually more factual than the JW signs ever were. Families are broken up; they are a cult and their blood doctrine results in the death of babies, children and adults. No argument with the factual information.

    It's the process with which these protestors go about trying to share their message that confuses me.

    Let's face it... the WT version of signs, billboards and door-to-door preaching doesn't work. Never has. For all the millions and millions and millions of hours over a hundred years of these types of campaigns they only have about 7 million members. That's a poor return on time and labor. We've discussed it before about the waste of time and energy it is.

    So how is it that a group of anti-JWs think that the same exact presentations is going to work for them?

    In addition to the futility of this campaign is the preception of people, the masses of non-JWs, that actually do see you. Just as the average, normal thinking person dismissed/dismisses JWs as fringe religious nuts, then the average, normal thinking person is going to dismiss these kinds of protests as ridiculous, and the protestors as fringe lunatics out of touch with reality. And in a way, they are. JWs are a speck in the world. They are inconsequential. They aren't anything except to those who are affected by them. So when the rest of the 'world' sees a couple of people, or even a few, holding up signs on the side of a road, in the snow and cold, they don't see the message on the sign. They don't take note of the too long to write down website. They think, "What a bunch of nuts. Why don't they get a life?"

    Good question. Why not get a life? Sure...most of us on this board have been affected by this religion and it's fucked up rules and doctrines. But if you're so consumed with hatred for them that you'll spend excessive amounts of time and energy to try to expose any and all things about this religion, you're coming a little unhinged. It's one thing to come on a message board and share your experiences or associate with others who understand the pressures of having been a JW. You might even get to help a newly freed JW. It's quite another to go to the lengths of staging protests, conducting so-called conference calls, etc. Even though you're not turning in time to the WTS for preaching for them, you're expending as much, if not more, time and energy because of them...which means they still have too much hold on you. There comes a time to let it go. Live life as a person free of the WT's influence, don't live a life of hate or protest... because they still control you as long as give in to that.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I have mixed feelings about such protests. I suppose that people who were terribly "burned" by WTS policies feel the need to do something. I suppose that a handful of adult "studies" see such protests and actually research a bit more. But I also suppose that such protests are fulfillments of the promised "persecution" upon JW's and reinforces in their minds that they are doing the right thing in serving WTS.

    In the end, I suppose that "doing something" is great for those who need to do it. It's just not for me. But ask me if I still feel that way when I lose my loved ones because of the shunning or blood policies.

  • bohm

    Something that has bothered me is that i think a more positive message should be applied. like:

    "Checking my religion changed my life for the better -"

    "I live a good life without God"

    "i believe both sides should listen more to each other -"

    "is it fair to ask other to examine their beliefs critically, but never perform a similar examination of your own?"

    or something like that...

  • leavingwt
    Why not get a life?

    For some, exercising their 1st Amendment rights is a way of getting on with life. The protest helps the person carrying the sign.

    We all have different paths. I wrote a DA letter. Did it help anyone but me? Doubtful. Was it necessary? Only for me.

  • QuestioningEverything

    Very well said On the Way Out and Leaving WT.

  • yknot

    Protesters scared me as a child.....

    I am not against trying to make a difference this way but I don't think I would actively participate here in the USA because I don't think they are effective in this culture. However I hope that Brazil and Italy's actions made some progress.

    Even in FS-world the most successful interactions are those done on the personal level where a relationship of sorts is struck. (hence why most converts are gleaned from workmates, classmates, acquaintances and relatives vs d2d)

    In some ways I suppose the WTS should be happy so many FS hours are faked because I think there would be far less JWs if they actually were meeting 'us' out in FS.

    For those of you who like to 'challenge' JWs in FS......why not try to create a bit of a friendly relationship, tell them you don't think you agree with their teachings and that many cause you questions...... from there you can politely introduce thing and the JW brain will naturally be tricked into thinking you might actually convert and that they might actually have all the answers....all the while you can be teaching them 'truth about the truth'.

    But that is just my thoughts

  • gutted

    I have mixed feelings about this too. I personally would not go to such a protest, one because it's not conducive to my personality at all, and two that it rarely accomplishes anything as far as influencing current or possibly future JWs.

    But like leaving stated, perhaps these people feel a need to express their frustration in the form of protest. Without protest we would not be as far along, say, in racial equality as we are today. Some people feel it is important and will continue to do so.

  • brotherdan

    I'm on the "mixed feelings" side too. It seems like whenever I see protestors I see them as whining about things instead of taking action. There was a hospital that recently changed employee health benefits and so the employees protested outside the doors with signs saying "Shame on you" and similar expressions. It just made me roll my eyes.

    I'm not sure that holding signs is the most effective tactic. Passing out fliers may be a bit more effective. Talking to people 1 on 1, IMO, is the most effective. I've been able to warn most of my coworkers about the dangers of JWs at work.

  • miseryloveselders

    I kinda feel like OTWO, that some people have been burned really bad by this religion and we have to understand where they're coming from. Simply living life isn't good enough for them, because this religion has perverted their lives beyond any possible normalcy, at least from their perspective anyway. Everything from sexual hangups, family breakups, lost youth, poor decisions regarding employment and education, limited choices regarding medical care, etc.. These are all serious life situations that can't be resolved by simple fixes.

    Personally speaking, for me some days are worse than others, but for the most part I haven't been burned by this religion as many others have been. For me, expressing myself on this message board is enough. For a second there, it wasn't enough and I hit the bottle and popped some pills to make it all go away, even if only temporarily. I'm glad I'm beyond that, as its nice to be focused, and see things with clarity. However, for others, its not that simple. The pain they've experienced in combination with their own principles and integrity, leave them with what they see as no other alternatives but to protest with billboards. In other cases, maybe they figure they need to fight fire with fire, and if that calls for unscrupulous methods such as phony conference calls, they see it as justified. I don't necessarily suscribe to those methods, but like I said in the outset, this message board is enough for me, for now anyway.


    Good Morning UC..

    It takes a while for ex-JW`s to realise..

    The Outside World doesn`t care about the WBT$..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

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