Do all religions think there's is the only true one?

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    People can be all of that without the Jesus thing, or any religion. People by and large can be and are just good. What you have is a Leader who is on record stating in the NT he will return and wreck havoc on our human race, and why, what did we do to him that he should take such umbridge. We don't call him 'Lord and God' and don't 'Bow to his feet and call him Lord' for that Revelation and the Gospels tell us he is coming to 'seperate the sheep from the goats' (ok some of my relatives are not handsome) and he will send them to where__________, you and Tammy know what it says, you just don't like what it says so it must mean something else- the birth of spiritualization of Bible verses, classic stuff we did in JW Land.

    The trick for a modern Christian struggling with what the Gospels say is to remake their man into a more Raw Raw all around good guy and bury the results of his teachings and the train wreck through human civilization he caused for the past 2000 years. The old excuse- if they did a bad thing then they weren't a true Christian, wouldn't you like to let the Witnessess off with the same excuse.

    We did this same mind trick as Witnesses always telling ourselves it wasn't as bad as we knew it was. So now come the Kumbaya Religions in droves, well and good, every one has a hero who needs a proverbial facelift after awhile. Jesus is getting his.

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    you and Tammy know what it says,

    Yes, but you don't seem to.

    If anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of the least ones who belong to Him, then they will certainly NOT lose their reward. The sheeps did not realize that they were doing anything for Christ; they were just feeding the poor, or the hungry, or showing mercy to the weak, etc. The goats who thought that they were serving Him, were actually not doing anything at all. Paul says to leave those outside the church to God, and God may have mercy on whomever He chooses. Jesus asks His father to forgive those who killed Him - BECAUSE THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. Mercy and forgiveness all the way through - and Armageddon comes when those outside the Kingdom decide to attack and destroy the kingdom. That is after Christ has already returned to gather those who belong to him, and to bring the sheep into the kingdom as well.

    The old excuse- if they did a bad thing then they weren't a true Christian, wouldn't you like to let the Witnessess off with the same excuse.

    You and I have already had a discussion about that and so you know it does not carry any weight with me.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was fortunate to live in Manhattan so all cultures were accepted. The only uncool thing was believing yours was exclusive. The experience at the Cathedral was interesting. Perhaps b.c of my poli sci training, I became interested in different facets of the church. There are several styles of worship: Anglo-Catholic which desperately wants reunion with Rome. It is more popish than the pope. High Church - the Cathedral. Catholic in outward style but progressive Protestant liturgy, Broad or Middle Church - a middle position, carving out a combo of Catholic and Reformed styles and Low Church, most of the American South, a de-emphasis on the Eucharist compared to other religions. I took some courses at the seminary. Lutherans, Methdodists and Russian Orhtodox freely audit each other's courses. Polish Catholics, who do not follow Rome, actually graduate from Episcopal seminaries. Harvard and Union Theological probably have the best academic programs. They are nondenomination Protestant. Union is for certain. Jewish Theological is directly across the street.

    All this was remarkable to me. Frankly, I parish shopped in NY to find where I most comfortable. I selected a church on Park Ave. that had a vibrant community program for prof's singles. The Astors donated the facilities. They used to give preference to nonNew Yorkers recently arrived who may not have extensive friendship circles yet. I sit with the priest privately and announce who I am and that it is not going to change. The Witnesses are discussed, my High Church preference, need for an intellectual crowd, politcal and social interests. Church music is very important to me now. Whatever the Witnesses were, I am the opposite. No accident involved. The priests are very upfront iwth me and will often recommend other churches within commuting distance. I also rely heavily on word of mouth. My present church is not very fulfilling after my fast paced intellectual corporate NY churches.

    My premise is I am who I am. The religion must be tailored to what is important to me. I don't believe many Episcopal formal d octrines but neither do the priests or other laypeople. I want an organ and a very good choir. The minister must preach a good sermon. Churches exist. The only churches I avoid like the plague are the fundamental evangelicals. We don't need to discuss why they bother me so much. The idea that God appeared to the only English Northern European family in Nazareth is funny. Americans are so self-centered. The vast majority of the world would be excluded. Christianity was very diverse in the beginning. I imagine much more fluid than now. The Bible was not canonized for a very long time so how do we know its version of events is true. Gnosticism offered a very different view of the same events. Canonization was political. We would not believe Obama was elected b/c of the Holy Spirit (well, some gung ho Dems might) nor that he is the antiCrhist. The Bible was not the Bible in Jesus' and Paul's day.

    The world is vast. As Witnesses, we were kept from the world. My heart beat so fast when I first started attending the cathedral with no thought of worshipping there. I encourage you to continue your journey. There is no way to convey how the Witnesses ran against my basic temperament, devoid of content. I am not there type. It was so, so lonely. The KH was almost all black. We were the only whites. My father hung out at Bethel with his old friends but never did the proper KH thing. I accidentally (maybe it was synchronicity) found a church that truly accepts me. While I sit there, totally entranced by the sermon and listen to heavenly music, I think it can't be me. Happiness is hard to accept. Grace is very hard to accept. Tillich wrote about salvation for others. The hard thing is accepting that God loves us with grace. I don't need to do good works or be a fashion model. I am completely acceptable for who I am. I never heard that in the Witnesses. Rejection was ever present. I've had Anglican political problems but it is so different.

    Word of mouth is invaluable. All churches sound good on paper.

  • designs

    Wouldn't it be wonderfully appropriate for Jesus to come back and kneel before the human race and say- 'I'm sorry, I really messed things up. I let terrible things happen and never stepped in. I accused my people of terrible things and sided with the most despicable Emperor and sadistic Army on earth. I'm really sorry, I will try and make amends.'

    It would be a start.

  • foodalls

    SOON everyone will find out that there is NO SUCH THING as "True Religion"...Why is it that people all ove rthe world are leaving religions to connect to THEIR "Higher Selves", because thats the real truth of mankind's relationship to GOD...YOU are God's Family...even acording to most so-called "Holy Books" tell you that..and even the bible tells you this at Gen. 1:26-27..."Image"..and Likeness He made YOU...MALE & FEMALE He Made YOU.

  • Satanus

    All this thought about certain ones of us posessing the only true thruth is wierd egotripping. Is there a right vegetable, or a right tree? What about animals? Is there a right animal? Cave man jews thought that there were clean and unclean. No surprise that they also thought that only they were chosen. Christians took up the mantle being special, thus spreading the meme of being special.

    Hindus accept that all roads lead to god.

    Personally, i agree. We all came from there, and will all return, eventually. Everything recycles;) We are here, perhaps by accident. All existence is merely for experiencing as much as possible.


  • ProdigalSon

    Band On The Run,

    I was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Queens, now I live on Long Island....thanks for those wonderful posts. You've had a very interesting life my friend.

    Won't it be spectacular if they ever finish the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine....

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    They never will finish St. John the Unfinished. There was momentum in the entire region to complete it. A consecration ceremony opened up a small space for worship on the day WWII started. Momentum was lost. All those buildings on the close were donated by robber barons. Most of the Episcopal churches were completed before income tax was enacted. The whole diocese is very liberal. Paul Moore led a drive to finish the towers but it never took off. When homeless people present themselves, it is finished enough. It never looked better to me my last Christmas in NY right after September 11th. A massive fire swept through. Thousands of people volunteered to scrub it enough to have it ready for Christmas. The Clintons were there. People were determined to have a good Christmas after the horror downtown.

    I hope to be buried in the crematorium there. There are better neighborhoods, however. It is safe but functional - the n/hood.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Designs, I've never believed in your idea of Jesus. I don't believe the bible is an all inspired book. I don't think Jesus needs a face lift. I think man needs a swift kick in the butt for turning God into a great, big, abusive bully. I believe Jesus came to set the record straight. JW's love to cling to that abusive god parent.

  • FlyingHighNow

    The Episcopal/Anglican church teaches that we're all on our own unique spiritual journeys. Nobody's journey is the same and that's okay. We are all going to make it to the same place eventually.

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