Members of Governing Body preach door to door?

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My father and uncles were assigned to congregations far from Bethel, such as Washington Heights. No matter how hard they tried curfew would be missed. They rode the subway all night to keep warm in winter.

    It would be cool to use their example and refuse to go door to door. Biblical imperatives remain imperatives. There is no exemption mentioned for any of their names. I imagine the Pope engages in far more encounters with the paysans.

    I can see to succeed at Bethel one must suck up. My uncle was so mild, such a good Christian (my friends remarked after only five minutes with him). He snapped at Knorr and exclaimed that he should find another stool pigeon. It was so unlike him. A true Christian would be eaten there.

  • dontplaceliterature

    A few years ago, we had a visiting Governing Body member at our congregation for a few days (I won't say who, just to keep flying under the radar of any over zealous lurkers in my area). I was surprised that my Service Overseer called to remind me that I was going to be taking the lead for the entire congregation that Saturday (Even though I was a Ministerial Servant, and there was a visiting Governing Body Member). Nervous? Not too much.

    To my surprise, he didn't even come to the meeting for Field Service. I guess it was silly of me to expect that he would be there. It would have been the perfect opportunity for him to build appreciation for the ministry among the flock, to encourage whoever was in his car-group, and show love to the brothers by engaing in the same form of slavery that we do. I know I would have been on Cloud 9 if a GB member invited me in the ministry with them. I actually said in front of the entire congregation..."Where is Brother [X]? I thought he'd be out in Service with us this morning? He must have had a long flight from New York or something."

    He was scheduled to visit months in advance (at least 8 months). People talked about it NON-STOP. It made me sick how people seemed to worship the idea of him. It was as if he were Jesus Christ himself.

    Now, granted, the guy was fantastic. I was very glad to have met him and talked to him. Great personality (or so it seemed) and very down-to-earth. Nice speaker too. Still, though, too much emphasis was put on his arrival. People from all over the State were begging to come to our Kingdom Hall. We had to post a sign outside and tell the brothers and sisters that the meetings that week were by "Invitation Only." There was an attendant who stood at the door receiving printed invitations. Rediculous.

    I have never imagined the Governing Body went in the ministry, right or wrong.

  • freetosee

    I remember a story being told, were an older brother was doing street work and a man passing by told him that he is a fool doing this work for free "your leaders dont go preaching!"
    so the elderly brother says "yes they do!"
    "How can you be sure about that?"
    "I am the president" the brother turns out to be F. Franz

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