If you could ask one question to an active JW to get them to open their mind about their beliefs, what would it be?

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  • ablebodiedman

    Isaiah 66:5

    Hear the word of Jehovah, YOU men who are trembling at his word: "YOUR brothers that are hating YOU, that are excluding YOU by reason of my name, said, ‘May Jehovah be glorified!’ He must also appear with rejoicing on YOUR part, and they are the ones that will be put to shame."

    1/ Has the Watchtower Society and its Governing Body excluded (disfellowshipped) any brothers through the use of God's actual name?

    2/ Is there any other religion that excludes brothers through the use of God's actual name?

    3/ Who will be brought to shame, the brothers being excluded or the brothers doing the excluding?


  • besty

    What unique beliefs held prior to 1919 informing Jesus' choice are still held true today?

    Bonus question - Why did Jesus omit to inform the first two presidents of the WTS he had chosen them?

  • wobble

    I like Pirata's above, but Besty's is the Best !

    Just do not let them go off topic. they love to say "Oh that old stuff doesn't matter, look at what they have done since " or similar.

    The point is, if Jesus did not choose them as they claim in 1919, then the WT's claim to authority, to the right interpretation of the bible, to be God's Organization etc.


  • dontplaceliterature

    I don't believe in the Trinity, but there is a thorough discussion of the brochure "should you believe in the Trinity" by Christians who believe in the Trinity:


    It's a long read, but addresses the context of all quotations made in the brochure.

    @Pirata, the very first paragraph contradicts the Bible when it says that Jesus was not created. Colossians specifically calls him "The Firstborn of all Creation."

  • designs

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  • pirata
    @Pirata, the very first paragraph contradicts the Bible when it says that Jesus was not created. Colossians specifically calls him "The Firstborn of all Creation."

    I started a new thread here to prevent getting this thread too off topic:


  • Butterflyleia85

    I agree with some that say one question isn't going to open their minds... they'd answer it in any way they can and may even research it enough to be satisfied that there is an answer for it... the logic and digging wouldn't go to far because of the belief of not putting God to the test (Due. 6:16) or beyond their own reasoning (Jehovah's Witness reasoning that is).

    They have a blockage... like I once did. "We are happy and faithful Jehovah's Witnesses why challenge it?? We put our hope, faith and love in Jehovah so surely He will do his part and provide servants to revile the spiritual food for them (Faithful and Discreet Slave Class) to help explain the deep things to us (God's sheep)."

    But I doubt they realize how but is hidden in Governing Body... Wolves in Sheep’s clothing... we all had once become victim too.

    One question would be to see why they believe or what makes them believe? (Leading to the next question) Would this motivate them to do what's right or true even if it meant sacrificing their “safe haven” in a false religion, where friends and families are? (To the next) How far does God truly hold on waiting on him (like the JW believe) over letting men lead men (as what they really are doing in all sense)?

    Basically what makes your believes right over anyone else’s? Is what I would ask to get them open their minds into realizing they do put a pedestal on their religion… the only way to true religion… that’s what all religions believe and they all have their own interpretation that make since in their way… it’s truly what the individual wants to believe and allows himself to be exposed to.

    If they are happy then fine let them be in their bubble but if they think they are not persecuting when they shun, forbid, or use name calling… even toward their families… maybe they aren’t directly but someone else says this in their talks or mentions it in the literature they believe so strongly in as a way to truly understanding the correct translation of the Bible… do they not stand up for the weak sheep? Do they still continue supporting their ideas because they are afraid?

    I stated a thread so as not to change the subject on this form


    It’s a question more so based on Elpiro’s comment here… all comments are welcomed!!

  • Hoffnung

    Aguest pointed out to a very easy one: the bible commands all christians to participate from the bread and the wine during the memorial, and in John 6 Jesus made it an absolute condition for salvation. So why are JW teaching that you should abstain? is this not barring the access to salvation?

    Another one but more technical is the 587 vs. 607 issue. For me it is not just that the chronology is incorrect, even according the bible, the matter is ALWAYS presented to a new student in such away that makes you believe the 607 date is supported by science and archeology. So one of my questions would be this: Why is a JW student not pointed out to the fact that science and the Society do not agree on Babylonian chronology in the Bible Teach book. The believe in 1914 is too important to hide this. What is the Society trying to hide? is this not dishonest and canning behaviour?

    And again another easy one: JW teach blood and its 4 main components are prohibited by the bible for medical use. Fractions of these main components are a matter of conscience. Why is the use of the 4 main components not a matter of conscience? The bible is completely silent on the subject. Why forbidding something specificly where the bible is not specific? Is this not going beyond what is written in the Scriptures?

    As others have pointed out, everybody is different, and 1 question will most probably not do the trick. But everybody got his own sensitive point, and when your question is touching this one, you're in. All of the points mentioned also by others might be the seeds of doubts, but likely it will take some time before it bears fruit.

  • whataburger

    I recently asked someone I have known in the Truth for twenty years what he thought about the Generation change and what effect it has on how some witnesses are always claiming the end is near. In fact, this question was in response to an email he sent me about thinking the end was tomorrow, or the next day.

    I reminded him of how we used to go door to door in the early 90's and proclaim the message of 1914.

    He responded with a jaw dropper:

    "Even if the GB knew the end was going to be 20, 30 or more years from now (and then), look what the "little lie" did, it kept us strong in the faith all of this time. Would you have stuck with it if you knew it was 50 years away? No, you would have done your own thing. By thinking Armageddon was just around the corner, it keeps up focused."

    So you know what this means? This means there are many, many JW's walking around out there that are influential in the organization - thinking that it is ok to lie to the rank and file if it helps keep them in line.

    Someone posted earlier that he was shocked how consistent the knowledge and responses are from the typical JW - that responses are often verbatim from person to person, up and down in the organization. If this is true, then this friend of mine has the same attitude that the elders do, that the CO's and DO's do - right up to the Governing Body.

    So how do you get to a person like that? Someone that knows the GB doesn't have it right?

    I think you do what we were told years ago when we went out in service and felt unsuccessful: You plant seeds.

    And then you come back to water them - but not drown them.

    Some of the seeds will die, never sprouting - but some will grow and become trees, mighty trees of truth that would have never been had you not planted the seed.

    That same line of reasoning says you don't pour it on too thick at once, let them process the doubts. I know they try to block it out of their heads, I did - many times - but the nagging questions kept coming back up in my head. I started wondering WHAT IF? What if the elders are wrong? What if the WTBS is wrong?

    But what do you do when you realize you have given up having a career, having children, all because you followed the religion of your parents all the way down the rabbit hole and discovered it was all a lie.

    I guess that is why so many don't want to see the real truth.

    The truth hurts.

  • AGuest
    the very first paragraph contradicts the Bible when it says that Jesus was not created. Colossians specifically calls him "The Firstborn of all Creation."

    The FirstBORN of all creation, yes, dear DPL (peace to you!); not the FirstCREATED of all creation. There is a difference: something/one that is born comes forth from the womb of something/one that existed before them. Something that is created... comes into existence because someone created it. The first is born; the second is made.

    My Lord is the firstBORN. Everything else came into existence by means of using him. He is the Source of all creation... what all creation was made FROM.

    I hope this helps and apologize to the OP (and all) for the "side thought."

    A slave of Christ,


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