SCAN - 2010 Worldwide Service Report Via 2011 Yearbook

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  • GL

    A handful in Asia and the Middle East at most (for example, North Korea), and perhaps one or two in Oceania. It is likely that some cases an independent country (such as Bhutan) may send its report in as part of another country (such as India), as took place in beginning 1978, according to the 1979 Yearbook:

    *** yb79 p. 23 1979 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses ***

    Reports have been received from 205 lands and islands of the sea. The decrease in the total number of countries lies in the fact that reports from several of them are now combined with those of other branches. For example, last year such places as Manus Island, New Britain, New Guinea, New Ireland and the North Solomons were listed separately. This year they are all included in the report from Papua New Guinea since they now form one country. Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharja are shown now as United Arab Emirates. Bequia, Carriacou and Tobago are now part of St. Vincent, Grenada and Trinidad respectively. And Bhutan now reports with India.

  • wobble

    SO, if Jesus' words are to be believed at face value and not twisted to mean something else, a thing the WT just cannot stop itself from doing,

    that means the big A is not any time soon !

    I don't see them getting in to N. Korea for a good few years if ever, and with branches closing I don't see them ever expanding the work to "all the inhabited earth".

    So, they will have to convince the R&F Dubs that Jesus' unequivocal statement did not mean what he said, "evidently".

  • Mary
    How many lands are they not in at all? Matt 24 says GN will be preached "in all the inhabited earth and then....."

    Wobble, I asked one of the elders who came around a couple of years ago to invite me to the Memorial that very same question when he tried claiming that they've 'covered the earth with their preaching'. I said: 'What about China? What about Saudi Arabia? How many Witnesses preach in India or Iran or Iraq?' That didn't go over very well. LOL!

    Those figures are pretty dismal that's for sure, especially in light of the billions of hours that are spent at the coffee shop preaching every week.

  • HayDay

    'What about China? What about Saudi Arabia? How many Witnesses preach in India or Iran or Iraq?'

    Mary, I've always said the same thing! They are so self congratulatory about all those "lands" but they ignore billions of people in banned countries. Some Witnesses even say that China or India doesn't matter because the Apostles didn't even finish the enitire circuit of cities! Can you believe the that, they don't really mind justifying the death of billions, so they can get to paradise a bit quicker.

  • steve2

    Can anyone name one of the populous Arab countries where they JWs have spread their message? I count none.

    Even some non-Arab countries they've been in for over 100 years still have not been covered. Look at India - where the active JWs are a piddling few compared to the billion plus population.

    The frequent boast that they've preached their message in all the inhabited earth is untrue by one helluva long shot.

  • smiddy

    It was last yrs,or the year before,I counted 68 countries that were either negative or zero growth in their yb.That was approx.1/3rd of all the countries listed.

    Is this years report any improvement on that ?

    In these countries they spend a whole year going from door to door,and theirs absolutely no increase and even a decrease in publishers.

    Not very effective eh?


  • freddo

    So what is the overall percentage increase worldwide?

    And don't forget, every year they get more diligent about counting every scrap of "time" - even the most inactive of inactive gets a quarter hour against their name:

    Secretary: (on speakerphone) Hi, Mabel - it's Bill from the kingdom hall - You must have said something about the good news - tradesman? Someone at the shops?

    Shut-in: Well, not (gasp) really, it's (gasp) awful difficult in (gasp) this iron lung. (Wheeze)

    Secretary: Oh yes I forgot about that. Well just a word or two to the nurse surely?

    Shut-in: N(gasp) I ... (gasp) err ....

    Secretary: What was that? 15 minutes?

    Shut-in: (Gurgle) Uhhhh (wheeze)

    Secretary: OK I'll put you down for 15 minutes, Jehovah bless, bye.

    You know it happens!

  • Gayle

    freddo,, the WTS 'claims' according to 2010 Service Report an increase of 2.5% worldwide. You have a PM (click on envelope icon, note above next to your name).

    So true, your comment, on how they count the poor "15-minuters." I am suspecting that could be about 5% of them right there.

  • Beware of false prophets
    Beware of false prophets

    I sent you a PM Gayle.

  • Marcial


    Pourriez vous mettre en ligne les pages d'activité 2010 de Annuaire 2011 .Merci


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